White: Hall 'most-feared guy coming out of TUF ever'


In 17 seasons of "The Ultimate Fighter," the UFC's long-running reality competition series has produced three world champions and nearly 200 UFC fighters. Uriah Hall might prove to be better than any of them.

"Every guy Uriah fought wound up in the hospital," UFC President Dana White told USA TODAY Sports and MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). "The first fight to get into the house, he breaks the kid's arm. Then he knocks out Adam Cella with an incredible spinning high kick, then he knocks out Bubba McDaniel and then Dylan Andrews had a broken nose. That's never happened in the history of 'TUF.'

"He is without a doubt the most-feared guy coming out of 'TUF.' Ever."

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Attila site profile image  

4/12/13 2:46 AM by Attila

He's a badass but I suspect grappling is his weak link at this point, so I'm picking Kelvin. That dude reminds me of a mini Velazquez. His striking isn't very technical but it's effective, and more importantly he'll really push the pace with his grappling.

Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

4/12/13 2:37 AM by Affliction Blackbelt

lol dana wants uriah to be legit so badly. The last season of TUF I watched before this one was 14, so I remember Diego well. He was a violent, angry (passionate?) dude. Was expecting him to do better in the UFC, and I have a feeling Uriah will be the same. Only problem with this season is the a lot of the guys seemed to be pretty mediocre, so I think thats what helped Uriah stand out. So many of them had either no ground game or no stand up, Kelvin was actually one of the few who was well rounded. Probably why he's in the finals. Also people really shouldn't be comparing Uriah to JBJ, at least at this stage. Only thing they have in common is their skin color and freakish reach. For a 6'0" tall guy Uriahs 80" reach is pretty damn good. Best of luck to Hall but he's gonna have a lot of work ahead of him to overcome people like lombard, okami, belcher etc... if he can get that far.

TeamRenzo4Life site profile image  

4/12/13 12:16 AM by TeamRenzo4Life

Man this is JBJ all over again. Wrecks Bonnar....the UG: "ITS ALL HYPE HE IS NOT THAT GOOD"Destroys Vera...The UG: "BIG DEAL"Chokes out Machida, leaves him in a puddle on the mat...The UG: "YAWN"

UGCTT_granite007 site profile image  

4/11/13 10:09 PM by UGCTT_granite007

Nah.... Big Country..  

PeaceThroughStrength site profile image  

4/11/13 10:03 PM by PeaceThroughStrength

I'm sure you would've done better then he did in the tuf house.

circa305 site profile image  

4/11/13 9:46 PM by circa305

I remember Diego Brando being pretty feared as well. This season had a lot of mediocre guys that were in love with striking. Hall was the was the only seasoned striker on the show.

dmckendry site profile image  

4/11/13 6:20 PM by dmckendry

I don't even reckon he was looking for a sweep. Just stopped Dylan teeing off at all.

dannyapodaca site profile image  

4/11/13 4:34 PM by dannyapodaca

OMG HE BROKE SOMEONES NOSE!! How terrifying! Im scared

3rdLion site profile image  

4/11/13 4:26 PM by 3rdLion

Coming out of TUF, yes.When Dana was talking about most feared in the house people forgot about Diego Brandao in TUF 14, people were shitting themselves when they were matched up with him, that guy brought violence.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

4/11/13 4:20 PM by chaplinshouse

that's what i've been saying.  people are quick to freak when impressive wins happen regardless of who it was against.  i do think he has potential and could be a star, but does anyone think Cella and Bubba are wins to write home about from a guy that's 7-2?