Lauzon earns BJJ brown belt from Lundell


Today in a small informal ceremony in Las Vegas, UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon earned his Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt from Ricky Lundell. Lundell himself is a black belt under Pedro Sauer and has been Lauzon's BJJ coach for the past several years.

Lauzon admittedly doesn't train in the gi as much as he should, as he is generally in preperation for a fight, but has shown off his high level grappling skill since debuting in the UFC in 2006.

Lauzon announced the achievment tonight on his Facebook.

Lauzon, Lundell



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UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

4/12/13 10:57 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy

Pretty sure Ari Bolden could take him.           :) Congrats, Joe.

cwcoogan site profile image  

4/12/13 10:51 PM by cwcoogan

Guys calm down, dont give back those blue belts just yet. I believe he didnt start training with the gi until he started working with Bj, and as he said since then only sometimes. Getting belts usually involves being proficient with gi only techniques like using handles and loop chokes and the like. Obviously Joe has been a black belt level grappler for a long time, you just have to train in the gi to get the belt.

Jweinberg site profile image  

4/12/13 8:26 PM by Jweinberg

awesome! Congrats!!

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

4/12/13 8:21 PM by ShawnTheBadger

Thanks MTH, voted you up.  Appreciate the insight. Echoed by other folks comments in posts following yours.

Another Foob site profile image  

4/12/13 6:16 PM by Another Foob

I already feel like I can't believe there aren't any belts between me (blue) and every purple belt. This is just grading on a completely different curve.

tetris site profile image  

4/12/13 4:26 PM by tetris

If you are getting a brown belt, that is definitely the guy you want to get it from.Confrats

Paul_Blanka_Harris site profile image  

4/12/13 3:57 PM by Paul_Blanka_Harris

i cant belive im a purple belt SMH guys like Jlo are different lvls purples well now different level brown

NomoRomophobia site profile image  

4/12/13 3:55 PM by NomoRomophobia

Congrats Joe!

JessamynDuke site profile image  

4/12/13 3:51 PM by JessamynDuke

Congrats Joe! You're one of my favorite grapplers in mma!! Very well deserved.

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

4/12/13 3:46 PM by DanTheWolfman

Congrats Joe