White: Uriah Hall folded under pressure, women are way meaner than men


UFC President Dana White recapped the TUF 17 Finale with FUEL TV's Heidi Androl, and touched on several topics uncluding Uriah Hall's unexpected loss, and the Cat Zingano vs. Miesha Tate fight of the night. Highlights from both fights appear at bottom.

"Kelvin Gastelum, with the big upset, he was the underdog, he was picked last," asked Androl. "You were really high on Uriah Hall - as was the rest of the universe - did this surprise you?"

White related that he felt the pressure got to Hall.

"The kid deserved the hype," said White. "The question becomes, can you handle the pressure? And what it looked like to me was... on the show when he came out he was a killer, trying to take everybody out. And tonight he looked like he folded under the pressure, like he didn't even want to be in there.

"He didn't even wake up until the second round… you saw hints, little pieces of Uriah Hall tonight, but that is about it.

"And Kelvin came out ready to take him out."

"The one thing that you never know, you can have a guy who is incredibly talented, but what's going to happen to him when he gets into that pressure cooker, that one moment where is all matters? That's where guys who become world champions shine. The Anderson Silvas, and the George St-Pierres, and the list goes on and on - the guys who really don't fold under the pressure."

White was then asked about the Cat Zingano vs. Miesha Tate fight of the night, and said he knew it would be awesome.

"After every weigh in, I go back and I talk to all the fighters," said White of his backstage exhortation to fight hard. "I say listen everybody - and this doesn't include the ladies, you're not part of this conversation, because I know exactly how this fight's going to go… The women, I don't know if it's because the women feel they have more to prove… The one thing, I believe it, is women are way meaner than men anyway, so when they go out there, they honestly always put on a show - awesome."

 Co-main event, and fight of the night highlights.

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subwrassler site profile image  

4/15/13 6:18 PM by subwrassler

That was the closest fight to score that I've seen in a long time.Really tough matchup for both, and apparently there was a slight advantage in the grappling dept. in favor of Kelvin.good, close fight.no need to say anyone choked or folded. nonsense.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

4/15/13 4:05 PM by Lazer MMA

This From "the best fighter EVER out of TUF" to this.From hero to zero.Old time fans, we are more cautious saying who is a real badass as we were wrong enough times before, LOL.

MattyECB site profile image  

4/15/13 3:52 PM by MattyECB

It's an extreme version of the lower weight classes imoEvery female has such a chip on her shoulder, I'd imagine, not only because of the huge sexist barrier to overcome and prove yourself, but because they're just finally getting a piece of the UFC pie that's made MMA a potentially lucrative career

KingofBJJ site profile image  

4/15/13 3:20 PM by KingofBJJ

I disagree that his is not that good. He is very good.He needs a better training camp because it is clear that his confidence is tied to his inability to grapple effectively.We see these same guys over and over again.The UFC has been around since many of these new guys were like 5 or 6 years old. How the hell do you not learn how to wrestle when your goal is to fight in the UFC?That goes for the BJJ guys also, they almost always get owned by a good wrestler. They are getting better, because I have started to see many BJJ guys with takedown defense and some who have used the whizzer.Pure striking or pure BJJ just won't cut it.

Megatherium site profile image  

4/15/13 6:42 AM by Megatherium

Dana is a hurtin' unit today.TUF's latest "next Anderson Silva" Novered under the bright lights again.Hahaha! Poor Dana White.

ausgepicht site profile image  

4/15/13 6:26 AM by ausgepicht

Well people should stop training kickboxing and grappling separately.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

4/15/13 5:19 AM by Reed Rothchild

Typical BLAF... Overreacting

Nick Fury site profile image  

4/15/13 4:59 AM by Nick Fury

He didnt fold under pressure, he is just not that good. Most educated fight watchers knew once he faced a wrestler he would get owned, and Kelvin isnt even good.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

4/14/13 11:13 PM by Jons Forsberg

Dana threw that kid under the bus with the quickness.

smoogy site profile image  

4/14/13 8:45 PM by smoogy

When you construct headlines that are deliberately ambiguous like that, intent doesn't really matter. You guys do this literally all the time. It's not acceptable to smash together two quotes, or take someone's work and edit your own commentary in while still crediting the original author for your alterations. There just seems to be a real lack of understanding about attribution around here.