Miesha Tate pissed f@$%!#& fight was stopped early


Referee Kim Winslow stopped Saturday night's co-main event Cat Zingano vs. Miesha Tate bout at 2:55 of Round 3 following a series of knees and an elbow.

At the post-fight press conference, "Cupcake" Tate argued vehemently that the stoppage was premature.

She also felt there might have been a late knee.

“I’m pissed to say the least,” said Tate. “I’m definitely not happy. I still feel like I was in the fight. I don’t for one second feel like it should have been stopped. I’m a fighter and I wanted to keep fighting.”

“Kim came in and told me before we ever left the locker room that, ‘If I warn you to move, all I need to know is that you want to stay in the fight. I felt that I did that. I got from the bottom, up. I got kneed a few times on the way. I tried to shoot another shot, and the fight was stopped.

“I sat up. I shot a double. I got to my feet. I took some damage because of that, because I was trying to listen to the referee, and she f------ stopped the fight. She told me to, ‘Show me something.’ I don’t know what you want?”

What do you think UG? Was the stoppage early, late, or just right?


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LOAN VIPER site profile image  

4/17/13 6:02 AM by LOAN VIPER

She's eating cupcakes through a straw now!! LOLZ!!!!!Justice is served. Thanks cat!

MakeMeBleed site profile image  

4/17/13 5:59 AM by MakeMeBleed

It was a solid stoppage IMO no reason for Tate to absorb anymore unanswered punishment

LOAN VIPER site profile image  

4/17/13 5:54 AM by LOAN VIPER

They shoulda let cat finish her off... for good .Coma style

chew22 site profile image  

4/15/13 10:16 PM by chew22

It's like "yeah, I ALWAYS go to all fours to shoot the single"....

Kanabull site profile image  

4/15/13 9:54 PM by Kanabull

I think "Brock Lesnar pulling guard against Shane Carwin" or something would have had a better effect. Arona was actually attacking in the fight with Quinton and got countered. He wasn't just getting blitzed like Tate was.

Kentpaul site profile image  

4/15/13 6:26 PM by Kentpaul

Better to stop a fight a little early than stop it too late IMO.

Steven McTowelie site profile image  

4/15/13 6:02 PM by Steven McTowelie


HexRei site profile image  

4/15/13 5:44 PM by HexRei

Gee, did you wife happen to be a Tate fan? lol at "i hate that ref" over that. Like she was about to make a comeback and win the round. She was about to get her face smashed some more until she literally went unconscious. I thought she won the first two rounds, that doesnt mean she gets extra leniency in stoppages in the third.

abi site profile image  

4/15/13 5:41 PM by abi

Yea Winslow should've let the fight go longer so Cat could've beat her up even more..sounds about right...  

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

4/15/13 5:12 PM by ranier wolfcastle

ther have been many fights where aguy is nearly ko'd, but comes back to win   tate might have been another if given the chance   i prefer refs that let the fighters sort it out til someone is truly done