Women more than proving their worth in the UFC?


UFC President Dana White was notoriously againd women's MMA and women competing in the UFC for years. Ronda Rousey changed all that. White changed his tune and soon enough the UFC had it's first women's bout, a headlining champion bout between Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche. But people still wondered if the division could survive with a perceived lack of depth.

Another exciting women's fight on Saturday between Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano showed some of the depth and that women besides Rousey could be exciting and draw. Today, USA Today published a piece by Ben Fowlkes discussing the issue at hand:

But as Zingano and Tate demonstrated Saturday, there might be more talent in the women's division than White realized.

That revelation couldn't come at a better time for the UFC, which has struggled recently to hold fight cards together through the strain of last-minute injuries and a demanding TV schedule. To keep pace without diluting the quality of its events, the UFC needs a new source of stars.

That's where the women come in, or at least where they should. Women's MMA offers the perfect untapped resource.

In the next three months, at least two more women's bouts are slated for UFC fight cards. If they prove to be anywhere near as exciting as Zingano-Tate, the organization might wish it had booked more of them.

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Garv site profile image  

4/16/13 4:31 PM by Garv

Agreed.  Women's MMA was on network TV and had big ratings.  It's very popular at the local level and there is a wealth of talent.  The article should be thanking Scott Coker for being a visionary.

Glovegate site profile image  

4/16/13 4:26 PM by Glovegate

I don't watch college sports.  And even if I did, the disparity between those 2 groups of men and these 2 groups, one of men and one of women, is not even close to the same.

56sav site profile image  

4/16/13 4:11 PM by 56sav

It's hard to get excited about watching a class of athletes that are 75% slower, 75% weaker (p4p), and skill wise are at least 15 years behind. If an average Joe with little to no training could have a shot at beating them, it kind of takes the thrill out of watching. I want to watch lions, not housecats, even if the cats try really hard.

weebrave site profile image  

4/15/13 7:55 PM by weebrave

I'm not reading tho whole thing but man those first two posts suck

Idgetmyasskicked site profile image  

4/15/13 7:16 PM by Idgetmyasskicked

Your so wrong because you can't shake your bias. Do you watch College sports? If you do you are watching a product that is technically not near as elite as Pro sports. Yes the women may (or may not ) be inferior to men in absolute terms but that does not matter if you open your mind. One thing they are not lesser than the men is heart and grit. Many of their fights are wars. That makes for great entertainment.

dangerboy12 site profile image  

4/15/13 7:06 PM by dangerboy12

The question was never if the women were going to be entertaining. Everyone knew they were. The questions are depth in the talent pool, skill levels, and legitimacy.MMA already has legitimacy complaints with how fights are issued and contracts are written. Women's MMA can open a whole new can of worms. Heaven forbid an ugly woman comes in and starts cleaning house, especially if she's not overly exciting. They might not even let her in the UFC.But, as fr as entertainment is concerned, they are always a good side show IMO.

SPA75 site profile image  

4/15/13 7:01 PM by SPA75

The next thing White will push is midget MMA. I know there has to be some bad ass little people out there.

Idgetmyasskicked site profile image  

4/15/13 7:01 PM by Idgetmyasskicked

The point about the undercard fights is excellent. I have been wanting to express the same thing. Saying the women are less skilled or not as good as men as an argument doesn't always cut it. There is so much variability within the men's divisions as it is and yet we can still enjoy fighters who are not the Best of the best. Granted some skill level is appreciated but I think the women do show enough of that especially in the grappling department.

MachidasBrew site profile image  

4/15/13 6:53 PM by MachidasBrew

Fckn awesome

Glovegate site profile image  

4/15/13 6:51 PM by Glovegate

It didn't show depth.  If anything it showed the opposite.  They were fighting for a title shot and the stand up was sloppy like it used to be for the men 15 years ago. There will never really be depth in WMMA like there is in MMA.  You will never have as many women trying to be fighters as men.  The talent pool will always be smaller and possibly always insufficient for even one decent division, as it pretty much is now. And the skill level will always be lower.  The strength, power, speed, agility, etc will always be 70%.   Go ahead and vote me down if it makes your balls feel less small.  'Tis the truth. And let them fight if you want.  It's entertainment, after all.  Not a meritocracy.  The only thing that matters is what people want to buy so why waste all this time and breath pretending it's just as good.  It isn't but it doesn't matter.  It doesn't ever have to be.