Mir: It was diverticulitis that took Brock down in MMA


In an interview with the New York Post, UFC heavyweight Frank Mir says Brock Lesnar could have been a dominant champion, if not for the diverticulitis. Mir underwent surgery twice for the ailment, in 2009 and 2011, and Mir believes it left him a lesser fighter.

“Honestly, I think the guy got so ill, he just couldn’t do it anymore,”said Mir. “He had to leave or his quality of life wouldn’t have been normal.”

“We didn’t get to see the Brock I fought. Had he not been ill, things would have been different.”

UFC president Dana White said in January that last year he tried pulling Lesnar back for a massive fight with legendary heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko that would have headlined a card at Cowboys Stadium. But Emelianenko’s father died during negotiations and he decided not to go through with it. White said that Lesnar then conceded “I’m done, too."

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Arlovskis Chin site profile image  

4/20/13 6:14 AM by Arlovskis Chin

There's a lot more money innWWE for Brock than there was in the UFC. He did it to compete. Also he was always going to say he felt in his best shape to fight after, anyone would; nobody admits being in a bad way before a fight publicly. I do agree though that WWE may be comparatively kinder to Brock and that's why he went back.

madmav site profile image  

4/20/13 3:54 AM by madmav

brock would have killed the non juiced overeem.. no doubt about that imo.

WALES1 site profile image  

4/20/13 3:34 AM by WALES1

But he didn't quit against Carwin?Why didn't Lesnar just tap?

elperro site profile image  

4/19/13 8:05 PM by elperro

Everyone is different. Brock was quoted as saying he had never felt better after the incident. He fought to make money, He didnt fight because he loved the sport. There is a big difference. Of course the plan is to make money, i get it. But how successful you going to be at in something when you dont love to fight, when you dont get mad at getting hit in the face or get pumped by it. Brock is still competing in WWE and regardless of it being fake its brutal on the body, but if diverticulitis completely changed him or his character why is he still competing at a high level. His number one goal is to make as much money as he can, only in wrestlig the punches are pulled. Im MMA its kill or be killed and every true emotion will come out in a hard fight inside a cage. Brock is a stud. NCAA champ. His heart wasnt in the fight game. Does this make sense to anyone else or should i just shut the fuck up :)

WALES1 site profile image  

4/18/13 4:57 PM by WALES1

Lifestyle and being able to compete at the highest within MMA are two different things.I'm sure Lesnar is able to go hunting or lift weights.But I don't think he could put his body through the intense work outs needed to get in fight shape.

Metafour site profile image  

4/18/13 3:20 PM by Metafour

I appreciate your post!You are right that every case is different. In Brock's instance he had his sigmoid removed (most commonly affected portion of bowel with diverticular disease).The literature I have read on this procedure indicates once recovered you should experience no changes in lifestyle.Did the man you know have a resection due to diverticulitis? I could understand if you are in or beyond your middle age and normally very active, that having to rest after a major surgery could really have a negative impact on you're physical condition overall. Many people have colon resection surgery for colon cancer, and the recovery with that is a totally different story (chemo, potential metastasis, ect.)There can be complications with any surgery as you have said, but from what I know Brock had some of the countries best doctors work on him (Mayo clinic) and there is nothing to indicate he wasn't performing at peak level.

Diver690 site profile image  

4/18/13 2:44 PM by Diver690

I'm not goign to try and validate someone elses full retard comment so please don't read this as an attempt to do so.  I workded for a little over 3 years with a guy who went through the same surgery and he was absolutely never the same person healthwise.  I will quantify this statement by saying he's older and he also probably didn't have the same caliber of Dr (not that his Dr sucked but I'm guessing Brock's was better).  However the guy was in pretty fantastic shape for a non pro athlete, he did triathalons, did power type lifting 2-3x a week, and ate cleaner than anyone else there. He's down over 20lbs, has real problems sleaping properly and cant keep anywhere near the pace he could.    He and Brock aren't apples to apples but I guess for every person who walks away from surgery unscathed or better off there is people who don't. Hell gall bladder surgery kills people and it's a very standard outpatient procedure. I'm not saying this to claim that Brock would have been a world beater or anything or to claim to be a premeire authority on the matter just pointing out that not every person will respond exactly the same to a surgery/illness.

1a1 site profile image  

4/18/13 1:35 PM by 1a1

He obviously used in the wwe. Every big star did

JerodR site profile image  

4/18/13 1:10 PM by JerodR

Still haven't seen one person that can give a reason why they think he did steroids... Seeing Brock in the WWE and seeing him in the UFC, what makes you think he did steroids?

1_less_name site profile image  

4/18/13 1:05 PM by 1_less_name

Yes because diverticulitis makes you not like getting your face touched and fall down and turtle up .I couldn't imagine being that big and intimidating and being such a pussy.