Carmouche wants to be Nike's first gay athlete


Liz Carmouche was the first ever woman to walk to the UFC octagon for a bout and one of the first women ever to compete inside in the Octagon was she challenged Ronda Rousey for UFC Women's Bantamweight title at UFC 157. Now she wants to be another first, the first gay athlete sponsored by Nike:

Carmouche tweeted at Nike to make her case, and she certainly has a very compelling one. Not only is the former No. 1 contender an open and proud gay woman, but she also fought in the very first women's UFC bout back in February as she lost to bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

@Nike If u're looking to sponsor a gay athlete I am the 1st openly gay @ufc fighter. I fought in the 1st ever female bout! #lizbos #lizbros

Dear #lizbos & #lizbros, I understand that @Nike is looking to sponsor a gay athlete. Maybe you can help that be me. #movemymomhere

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Vril site profile image  

4/20/13 4:35 PM by Vril

JUST DO IT! Nike's sweatshops in Malaysia

UGCTT_Aussie site profile image  

4/20/13 10:36 AM by UGCTT_Aussie

I don't understand some gay people. They wanna be treated equal like a normal hetro couple luke its not a big thing but on the other hand they love to slap on the gay tag when it suites them. Besides that its not gonna happen anyway.

rbl site profile image  

4/20/13 10:18 AM by rbl

She'd have a better argument if she'd looked competitive against Ronda. As it is though she's 5-3, coming off a decisive loss in a small division of a pretty obscure sport. Gay or not that's not really who Nike tend to sponsor.

FreakDaddy site profile image  

4/20/13 9:51 AM by FreakDaddy

I want to be Nike's first fat athlete......

spliff site profile image  

4/20/13 8:43 AM by spliff

the only thing that's more annoying than this is fighters that keep talking about being in the milatary.. and she's both

GSPushedInMyStinkEye site profile image  

4/20/13 8:33 AM by GSPushedInMyStinkEye

I'm guessing that when it comes to MMA, Nike won't even consider it unless you're the champ.  

Osiris_431 site profile image  

4/20/13 7:07 AM by Osiris_431

It's cool that she's gay, but I'm tired of her bringing it up. Especially since when other people bring it up she goes, "I don't know why it's such a big deal". If by some force of nature she does get the Nike sponsorship, I guarantee when asked how it feels to be Nike's first gay athlete she will say "I'm just a Nike athlete, the gay isn't a big deal". Ugh.

JBASS site profile image  

4/20/13 5:28 AM by JBASS

I agree that sexual orientation shouldn't be the defining factor for a sponsorship from a sporting brand. Let's see Liz have a couple more fights first. If Nike wish for the publicity of sponsoring an openly gay athlete, then that's their own perogative and their money to spend. But yes, I don't agree with Liz using it as an angle to approach a sponsor since it isn't what Nike is about to begin with. They're a sporting brand, not a gay rights conglomeration.          

GarlicSauce site profile image  

4/20/13 5:27 AM by GarlicSauce

...then she complained about her sexuality being discussed by people.

tharsheblows site profile image  

4/20/13 5:25 AM by tharsheblows

Lol. Shit's ridiculous.