White not optimistic about NY in MMA in 2013; criticizes culinary union


“I’d pretty much call it done, yeah,” when pressed further on whether he thought that all hope was lost for passage this year. “They didn’t even put it in the budget. Anything can happen, (but) I’m not as optimistic as I was a few weeks ago.”

White continues to point the finger at the powerful Culinary Union as the reason why mixed martial arts legalization continues to stall in New York, a state desperate for the financial life preserver UFC events could help provide.

“The (New York) commission is 100-percent behind it. Everybody wants it there except the Culinary Union,” said White. “Every time we try to move forward and progress in New York, the Las Vegas Culinary Union starts hammering everybody with letters and they’re working the politicians and everything else.

“I have a question for you. We’re in Las Vegas,” he continued, getting a little heated. “We’re putting on however many fights a year. How come they’re not writing letters in Las Vegas?

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TheLuckyMilkMan site profile image  

4/20/13 4:42 PM by TheLuckyMilkMan

unions= price fixing at the bottomprice fixing at the top is illegal.any questions?

Richard Tuck site profile image  

4/20/13 1:01 PM by Richard Tuck

Who said that Stations won't let them, I thought the employees didn't want the union?

BanjaCop site profile image  

4/20/13 12:34 PM by BanjaCop

Because unions for non dangerous jobs are a relic of a bygone age, leaches that hurt business far more than they protect the workers.

Kneeblock site profile image  

4/20/13 11:29 AM by Kneeblock

I got an email from the Culinary Union rep Jen Suh just the other day since I work for an organization that provides services to women. It was urging all women's serving orgs to help strike down the attempt to legalize MMA in NY. I circulated a rebuttal letter explaining the labor dispute at the heart of this and that I thought it was shameful that the Culinary Union was co-opting the language of women's rights and anti-violence to get their way in a labor dispute. But afterward I had cause to wonder: Just why won't Station let their culinary workers unionize?

AK-BJJ site profile image  

4/20/13 9:53 AM by AK-BJJ

MMA in NY, imo...Good grief UG blog would you at least try to be correct once in a while?

Smellde Gluve site profile image  

4/20/13 9:47 AM by Smellde Gluve

As a fan watching all the shows on PPV it makes no difference to me where the show is held, NY or otherwise.

MattyECB site profile image  

4/20/13 9:43 AM by MattyECB

Attacking BLAF, Lorenzo, the fighters, MMA and even the cities/countries that support them. And just so parasitic and exploitative, trying to recruit any fucking cut fighter, anyone who even begins to have a disagreement with the UFC, fighters with insurance issues, and any politician willing to whore themselves out. And the letters! I mean Jesus H Christ. Contacting sponsors, stores that sell UFC merchandise, stores with MMA apparel, networks that air the UFC, GLAD, any politician foreign or domestic... All supported with the dues of union workers.It's fucking disturbing that an organization meant to pool money for the protection of workers no longer uses the money to protect the interests of its members, but instead uses it to protect the organization for the sake of having a powerful organization. It's like the Union has become some warped mafia only interested in self-preservation

MattyECB site profile image  

4/20/13 9:35 AM by MattyECB

Maybe... But I think that would be notice by now, no? Not to mention, even if some groups like that ARE secretly lobbying, they certainly haven't been running such an excessive smear campaign. A couple of months ago a friend of mine had a uni paper to write on unionization is sports, and being a big MMA nerd, asked me for some info on the CU221. I bothered to compile all the news I could find from when they first became known years ago, and I couldn't believe all the shit they did. Like I already knew, but it was fucked up to actually compile it all together. Not only the news bites, but the tons of UG threads I've bookmarked over the years. It's just so fucking systematic how they try to constantly barr and defame the UFC

MattyECB site profile image  

4/20/13 9:33 AM by MattyECB

Maybe not the culinary union but the umbrella organization that controls them is actually insanely powerful. Lobbyists run the country, and I've little doubt the fuel they constantly add to the fire + the greased palms are making a fucking huge difference

jzus14 site profile image  

4/20/13 9:07 AM by jzus14

NO, i wouldn't be surprise if its a hotel vegas tourist group keeping them out because some of those fights in vegas would be moved to NY, the big fights specially!