Benson Henderson plans to retire at 33


At 28 years of age Benson Henderson captured the UFC lightweight title and has since defended successfully twice and will defend it again this weekend. Benson has a set plan to break the record of Anderson Silva for consecutive title defenses and then walk away from the sport:

"I'm definitely getting noticed more (fighting on FOX), that's for sure. Everywhere we go, and it's cool. Take the good with the bad, the pros with the cons. It's nice. It's not going to happen for the rest of my life. It's going to happen for what? Two, three, four more years or so, then after that, you know, it's not going to happen anymore ...

Anderson's at 10 [consecutive title defenses] now, I fight three more years, three fights each year that will put me at nine. I have two already - or one already then I'm done after that. I'm going to get one past his record. Fighting's hard man, fighting's tough. You're getting beat up on the body - you saw me this morning in the weight room and stuff. It takes a toll on your body, so by the time I hit 33 I intend on retiring. I'm done after that."

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kgastelum928's right nut pimple site profile image  

4/20/13 10:45 PM by kgastelum928's right nut pimple

I can't see bendo beating silvas record but he is a beast.

Trichoke7 site profile image  

4/20/13 9:46 PM by Trichoke7

The athletic commisions could easily institute hydration testing and then your body wouldn't have to take such a toll cutting weight.

philipee32 site profile image  

4/20/13 7:37 PM by philipee32

told you guys he was black jesus

dhughes site profile image  

4/20/13 12:04 PM by dhughes

Oh to be 28 again...He won't feel the same way in a few years from now.

Lobo8 site profile image  

4/20/13 11:47 AM by Lobo8

Yea theirs something about him, he just seems beatable....

eljamaiquino site profile image  

4/20/13 11:37 AM by eljamaiquino

I'm starting to agree with Chael on that. " If it didn't happen in the ufc, it never happened! "

UGCTT_Stu0411 site profile image  

4/20/13 11:27 AM by UGCTT_Stu0411

OK Calo. Well played, fucking LOL.

Kneeblock site profile image  

4/20/13 11:23 AM by Kneeblock

When fighters start talking like this, expect a loss in their near future.  When you're in your fighting prime, the end just shouldn't be in sight. It's one thing for GSP and Anderson to be talking about their exit strategy, but Ben has fought exactly 2 guys as champion and is already speaking as if his continued success was a foregone conclusion. See BJ Penn vs. Jens Pulver for examples of backfire. site profile image  

4/20/13 11:13 AM by

I think Bendo is going to be on top for a while and I'd love to seem him fight at 170. I'm selfish, I'd hate to see him retire before we got to see all of his potential. He seems like a great person and I wish him all of the best in fighting and life.

Willin site profile image  

4/20/13 10:28 AM by Willin

There's a snowball's chance in hell that he has that many title defenses in the most insanely competitive division around at 155lbs. Also he looked like hell weighing in yesterday. He may not be able to make 155 in the next year or two. 170 would prove to be a tough new division for him. Also Pettis will be looking to dethrone him after the Aldo fight...