Seven fighters released from UFC roster


If a fighter's profile has been removed from, it is an indication that the fighter has likely been cut from the UFC's roster. Today revealed that eight fighters have been removed from the website, and thus likely have been released by the promotion

Slowly, but surely, the UFC continues to peck away at it's 385 man roster (I don't know where Dana gets 470). Today that 100 fighter manifesto appears to have moved a little further along with the suspected release of an additional 7 fighters.

Today's Cut List:

Philip De Fries
Chris Spang
Jimmy Quinlan
Collin Hart
Kevin Casey
Gilbert Smith Jr.
Adam Cella

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SimbaSpice site profile image  

4/28/13 2:45 PM by SimbaSpice

You train out of Nor Cal?

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4/28/13 2:43 PM by SimbaSpice


Argo site profile image  

4/28/13 2:50 AM by Argo

Liz is irrelevant except she has some name/promotional value. Here's the part you couldn't comprehend. Tate is a former Champion (and a draw) and that's why the fight is on the TV card.Liz vs anyone else and it's a prelim fight just like the women's fight last night was a prelim.

jbapk site profile image  

4/28/13 12:00 AM by jbapk

I don't like a guy losing his job, but he really didn't.Is it fair he gets cut while guys like Garcia get multiple shots I don't know, but he didn't look like a UFC caliber fighter.

crumbs site profile image  

4/27/13 11:55 PM by crumbs

i didnt come here to defend Liz's creds, ask all the media that votes on the UFC rankings, why shes ranked so high.what dont you understand about the business side of the UFC? if Pepsi releases a new flavour, there not going place it on the bottom of there advertising budget, there going push the fuck out of it, the UFC isnt going let the WMMA die on the undercard, if they belong there or not, is a matter of personal opinion.(personally tate definitely belongs on that main card)as i said before the UFC is not going put there own ranked fighters on the undercard if they dont have too, i didnt make the rankings or agree nor disagree with them, obviously you do, but it doesnt change the fact the media ranked these women, making them as you say in " the big leagues for the best fighters in the world, male or female."

RampageFitsLikeAGlove site profile image  

4/27/13 7:53 PM by RampageFitsLikeAGlove

I point out that she has never once, in her life, in the history of her fighting career, beat a fighter with a winning record and you try and play psychologist and say it has to do with me blaming women?   Are you mentally handicapped?   I guess I was under the impression that the UFC was the big leagues for the best fighters in the world, male or female.  I see you like to point out how those fighters have never 'taken it to the next level.'  Which of the Liz's wins were her taking it to that level?

SC MMA MD site profile image  

4/27/13 7:29 PM by SC MMA MD

Edit- wrong guy

crumbs site profile image  

4/27/13 7:07 PM by crumbs

RampageFitsLikeAGlove, I'm starting to think you just like blaming women for stuff. UFC is trying to build the women's divisions, those guys who got cut would probably been cut even if there was no womens divisions. You would make the worse president of the UFC if you think Tate/Liz should be on the undercard. Or any buisiness for that matter. What has Melvin done to earn the main card slot? Just cause he has more fights In the UFC doesn't mean he should always be on the main card, that guy has co/mained plenty of free cards , he's had his chance to make a run, and has come up short time and time again, should he hold down a spot on the main cards for the rest of his life? Let's be real here,the UFC has to build up other fighters then Melvin, or spencer fisher, or others who have never took it to the next level. It wouldn't be fair to up and coming fighters male or female to keep underachieving melvin on every damn main card, for every card he fights on.

RampageFitsLikeAGlove site profile image  

4/27/13 6:39 PM by RampageFitsLikeAGlove

OK so you focused on her losses.  How about you talk about her wins.  Below is every fighter she's ever beat and their pro records.   Kaitlin Young:  7-8 Ashleigh Curry:  1-3 Jan Finney:  8-10 Valentina Shevchenko:  1-1 Colleen Schneider:  4-4 Margarita de la Cruz Martinez:  1-2 Aleena Albertson:  0-1 "Unknown Fighter"  Unknown record. I like Liz think it's awesome she got the opportunity to fight for the belt.  But you really think someone who have NEVER beat a fighter with a winning record and has beat the above fighters should take FOX main cards over UFC fighters who have earned their spots?  

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

4/27/13 5:37 PM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

It's odd how this place celebrated when Dana announced he would give everyone from TUF "One fight in the UFC", yet are now crying that some of the losers from those fights are cut. Anyone with half a brain knew that most of those TUF guys Dana gave "One fight in the UFC" to would be cut if they lost.