Jones wants Gustafson next


The light heavyweight division has no clear cut number one contender, as was evident by Jones defending his title against a middleweight who was coming off a loss. In the mix are Lyoto Machida, who Jones has already beat, Alexander Gustafson, and Dan Henderson who just lost to Machida. If Jon Jones doesn't take a superfight, Gustafson is really the only viable contender and that is who Jones himself would like to fight next:

"I’ve fought Lyoto Machida before," said Jones. "I fight for the people that support me, but I also fight to prove critics wrong. A lot of people believe that I have been successful because I appear to be larger than my opponents. And with Alexander Gustafsson that would be no more. So fighting Alexander Gustafsson -- a guy who is 6'6" or 6'.5 pretty long arms himself, long legs -- I think that would be a great thing and that is who I’d love to fight next."

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pulsar site profile image  

4/29/13 7:40 PM by pulsar

Why that fight? Jones would run through him worse than Sonnen.

Silverball site profile image  

4/29/13 11:20 AM by Silverball

I feel like Gus is still a fight or two away from being a serious challenge to Jones, but at least he's a legit light heavyweight.

2xAA site profile image  

4/29/13 10:54 AM by 2xAA

so your a: 12 year old spelling bee champ, who has racked up 10000+ ug posts in a less then a year....and on the side your like to "s" dickwow your a character

2xAA site profile image  

4/29/13 10:45 AM by 2xAA


the islander site profile image  

4/29/13 10:13 AM by the islander

Give jones some time off. Have Gustafson fight machida and let the winner fight jones. Or would that not be too smart business wise because you can still make a lot of money from both opponents have a match with jones. I just want machida and Gustafson to have another match before a title shot

DVDragon site profile image  

4/29/13 9:13 AM by DVDragon

That statement always cracks me up. I think Rashad would disagree with you.

awesomestprime site profile image  

4/29/13 8:59 AM by awesomestprime

The Jones hate is one of the most entertaining things about this board. If he fought for charity you guys would bitch about it.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

4/29/13 8:41 AM by Lazer MMA

No fan of but Machida to be screwed out of shot again? 1st time for wanting a full camp and this time for?

SKARHEAD site profile image  

4/29/13 8:38 AM by SKARHEAD

L O L @ @ the rabid Jon Jones haters CLINGING to that 1st round of Lyoto vs JBJ like it was there one last hope to see their hated nemesis lose.Pathetic. Lyoto didn't do jack shit, never had a real chance in that fight, got OWNED BADLY and would actually do worse in the rematch.Still....keep hatin' and hopin' !!

SKARHEAD site profile image  

4/29/13 8:36 AM by SKARHEAD

Machida just layed a lae egg against the smaller, older Henderson....and honestly got absolutely owned BAD by JBJ....worse than anyone.Lyoto match = LAME.....He didn't do JACK SHIT in the 1st fight except be competitive for one round (which he LOST) and then get completely owned in the following round and left unconcious w/ a squirting vagine on his forehead with his eyes open.*YAAAAAAAWN*LOL @ anyone thinking Lyoto actully deserves it over Gustaffson or that it sounds lik a compelling rematch.