Quality of opponents insulting to Jones?


Jon Jones' last two defenses of his light heavyweight title were against two athletes who were middleweights that had bulked up to the 205 lb. division for the chance at a title. Ben Fowlkes of USA Today Sports argues that although the matchups can prove entertaining, Jones needs to face actual legitimate contenders at light heavyweight to build his legacy:

That's fine for the organization's bottom line, but it doesn't do much for Jones' legacy. He entered Saturday's bout as a 10-1 favorite, according to oddsmakers. Sonnen vowed to plant him on his back and "beat a hole in his face," but instead it was Jones who did the planting and the beating. The only thing Sonnen could do was lie there and bleed.

This shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone who has seen either man in action. Sonnen might be a workhorse of a middleweight, but Jones is a spectacular light heavyweight. He might be the best we've ever seen, though it's hard to tell when the UFC puts him in barely competitive matchups for the sake of PPV sales. Now, according to White, Jones' toe injury will likely delay a potential showdown with legitimate light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson (15-1, 7-1), who Jones has said he'd like to face next.

That's the problem with wasting Jones' talent on fighters such as Sonnen. Even if his opponents can't hurt him, that's no guarantee he'll emerge unscathed and ready for a challenge that might actually tell us how great he can be.

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stonepony site profile image  

4/29/13 5:19 PM by stonepony

JBJ is currently on the most impressive win-streak in the history of the sport. This journalist is clueless. Chael was the only guy to ever put Anderson on the defensive like he did.

forrestfan site profile image  

4/29/13 3:36 PM by forrestfan

The article only talks about Chael and Vitor - the last year after he fought Rashad. He's not putting down Jones' whole string of title defenses. Just saying these random fights against MWs are screwing up LHW.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

4/29/13 3:32 PM by KingofBJJ

So I am assuming that the USA Today writer is only halfway following what is going on, otherwise he would known that Jones didn't have a choice in the Sonnen fight. As I recall he refused it the first time, and was nearly hanged by every casual fan out there.As the quality of fighters, I agree about Sonnen, but who does he think Evans, Quinton, Machida and Shogun were? Cans?He doesn't care about fighting Gustafsson, that was just the first name that came to his lips. Gus already lost to Phil Davis. Glover is possible, if he gets past Te Huna. Moussasi, not likely. He hasn't beaten anyone of quality. He lost to King Mo.I think Machida is on Dana's mind, unless there's an Anderson Silva match he considering. Which case it wouldn't make sense for him to fight Weidman.

toovie site profile image  

4/29/13 12:48 PM by toovie

He can only fight who is put in front of him! It makes me laugh when he was going to fight Shogun, Machida, Evens these where the boys ment to be Jones toughest fights they where the ones to stop him and when they didnt you hear there not as good as they used to be bla bla the only one that rings true with is Shogun he was so good jones cant fight himself so we have to put up with who he fights and enjoy it

cruedi site profile image  

4/29/13 12:43 PM by cruedi

I'd still like to see him fight Henderson. But Jones takes on anybody, to say otherwise is stupid.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

4/29/13 12:22 PM by SQUEEZIE

no maybe about it. after he beats andy he will be hated and hated on even more.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

4/29/13 12:22 PM by MasterofMartialArts


SQUEEZIE site profile image  

4/29/13 12:18 PM by SQUEEZIE

did he fuck your sis,mom, and gf or something?

SilverSpoon1996 site profile image  

4/29/13 12:17 PM by SilverSpoon1996

also.. I dont think Jon is the one to blame for this saying he is not making his legacy greater. He can only fight who they come and offer to him. I dont see one LHW he would say no to.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

4/29/13 12:15 PM by SQUEEZIE

you cant argue with crazy...you only look crazy yourself.