MMA fighter's eye glued shut, gets the win anyway


They say anything can happen in mixed martial arts, but what happend in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on April 12 never happened before, and probably won't again in this lifetime. We hope.

Carlos Alberto Lobo, was up two rounds to none after returning to his corner. In a freak accident, some glue from a banner that was being fixed dripped into his eye, and the fighter immediately rubbed it, gluing his eye shut.

The bout was initially declared a No Contest, but eventually it went to the judges' scorecards, and Lobo was rightly awarded the win.

The strangeness begin at the 15:00 minute mark:

Thanks to for bring this unusual video to our attention.


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Haulport site profile image  

5/2/13 10:39 PM by Haulport

For Banjaxo:

Haulport site profile image  

5/2/13 10:39 PM by Haulport


ViciousCesar site profile image  

5/2/13 8:36 PM by ViciousCesar

They should hire Sabu as a cut man. He's got the experience necessary.

Soup Nazi site profile image  

5/1/13 7:18 AM by Soup Nazi

oh man......

willienugget site profile image  

5/1/13 3:22 AM by willienugget

Pretty fucked up his cornerman breaks out the scissors. "Oh hell no"

fanaticomma site profile image  

4/30/13 9:16 PM by fanaticomma

Holly shit!!! Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!

smoogy site profile image  

4/30/13 8:09 PM by smoogy

caposa is the one who spotted this, fuck MMAJunkie and their... blog

I_Bungalo_Baboo_Babies site profile image  

4/30/13 7:40 PM by I_Bungalo_Baboo_Babies

Could you sue negligence for that? I doubt the waver would cover something like that

buckshot44 site profile image  

4/30/13 5:52 PM by buckshot44

Holy fuck!

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

4/30/13 5:07 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

Sounds like banner glue might work better to prolong fights than that vaseline and silver thing that Stitch is always pressing on people like a metallurgist witch doctor.