Alvarez moving to Boca Raton, forced to sell home


Earlier this week, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney said settlement talks between the company and Eddie Alvarez had ceased, and that the court case would continue, however glacially.

"I had hope a month ago there was a door opening," said Rebney. "But that door isn't open at this point. So I don't know. The court system is slow and methodical, and we're just going through the process. I don't have any projections of it getting settled at this point because we're not talking. The essence of it is, the promoter is never going to get everything he wants and the fighter is never going to get everything he wants. We have a position that we did everything right legally, and the court has supported us. I thought we were headed down a road, and then everything went real dark."

Alvarez responded, via Twitter.

Edward Alvarez ‏@Ealvarezfight
•Sorry I have been absent lately guys, here are some updates, I recently just sold an investment property in order to wait this trial thing out.
•I didn't want to sell it was supposed to be a retirement thing but that's how shit goes, very happy its sold and I'm packing now!
•I am taking the funds from the sale of the home and moving to Florida with me and my family. I leave in a few days to search out a rental.
•I'll be training as if I have a fight no matter what the circumstances.
•We will be going to trial and there will be NO settlement. I was to see this thing through and let the truth come out in the end.
•My goal is to move to Florida. Train with the best team and coaches in the world, beat this court case, become #1 in the world and keep it.
•I am in no hurry. This has always been a marathon for me, not a sprint. And time will only make me more dangerous when I fight, I promise.
•On the good side, I made a shit load of cash from selling my property so me and the fam should be straight for a while!
•I haven't tweeted because I been renovated my property in Philly to get in ready to rent. It took 14 hr days for six weeks doing it myself.
•Since 18 I have fought at least every roughly five months so I have been learning a lot from this break.
•Miami has unsanctioned fights somewhere for cash. Told my wife I might need to take the drive down there on the weekend to stay sharp.
•Headed to Boca Raton, the schools are really good and the gym is close.
•@SUGARRAYLEONARD I think we both have something in Common, F ed by Bjorn Rebney .. would love to chat.
•Thank you guys for your support. Every tweet positive or negitive does help!! This is just a pitstop, that's put there for a reason . THNQ

Jeremy Botter ‏@jeremybotter
My latest explains why Bellator is making a huge mistake in their legal battle with

Edward Alvarez ‏@Ealvarezfight
@jeremybotter wish they though this way, seems simple and easy to understand but they dont get it.

In a piece on B/R Botter argues that even if Bellator winns the legal battle, they will retain a profoundly upset employee, to no one's advantage.

Alvarez wants to go to the UFC, and Rebney—despite repeatedly saying in the past that he would allow Alvarez to leave if he wanted to—has gone back on his word.

I understand it. When Rebney made those comments, Bellator wasn't owned by Viacom. Now that it is part of the media conglomerate, he doesn't have the final authority to make those decisions anymore. Viacom doesn't want to lose any of its homegrown stars to the UFC, and so it is doing everything it can to keep Alvarez around.

But Alvarez doesn't want to stick around. He wants to go to the UFC, where he was promised a title shot, headlining spots on Fox television cards and other featured roles on UFC programming.

But Bellator also needs to face reality: If the promotion wins an ugly court battle with Alvarez, what has it gained? Sure, its most marketable star is forced to stay but at what cost?

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Jason Reinhardt site profile image  

5/5/13 12:50 PM by Jason Reinhardt

alot of people don't realize what goes on behind the scenes. i've always said, 'the biggest fight isn't even inside the cage, it's outside! i feel for Alvarez. Hang in there Champ! "Time", like you said, is only going to make you better"

Stache site profile image  

5/5/13 9:59 AM by Stache

Has Eddie ever been through a lawsuit before? They are not only expensive but mentally and physically exhausting. I hope he knows what he's getting himself into. He could be wasting some of his prime earning years in court.

12SixElbow site profile image  

5/5/13 12:40 AM by 12SixElbow

How is that slimey? They aren't in the charity business. This is the money making business. They offered a deal, Eddie signed it, no one forced him. They're going to do the best they can to make Eddie honor that contract.  

Macedawgg site profile image  

5/4/13 11:50 PM by Macedawgg

No moreso than MLB is promoting the Yankees or Red Sox, or "promoting" the names of Derek Jeter and David Ortiz.  Namely, the players talent moves them up the ladder, and competition dictates result.  Of course, this won't apply if you are willing to say MMA is not a sport. Are you saying MMA is not a legitimate sport Cindy-O?

bux site profile image  

5/4/13 10:45 PM by bux

What a bunch of retarded comments.First and foremost, lawsuits aren't free so obviously it's costing them from a dollar perspective. And secondly, it's costing them goodwill. Goodwill from fighters that see this MMA promotion and Rebney are sue happy. Also goodwill from fans. Fans that show in their ratings and as well on message boards.Secondly, the only people to blame for giving Alvarez bad advice are his management team and lawyer(s). Saying he got bad advice from the UFC? Are you completely fucking dumb??And thirdly, people that try to compare this situation to that of Couture are moronic. Alvarez fulfilled his contractual obligations to Bellator and they are fighting over whether or not they matched the terms of a new contract from a different employer. Couture never fulfilled his contractual obligations and still owned the UFC fights.So do us all a favor and stfu moran.Fact of the matter, Alvarez could have fought on the UFC 159 ppv and made millions of dollars from people watching it(according to the terms of the UFC contract leaked). More people watched it then some of Bellators shows on Spike TV. So not only is Rebney depriving a fighter in the prime of his career from earning the most money possible, he is also fucking over the fans that want to see Alvarez fighting the best fighters in the world. So fuck Bjorn Rebney and imbeciles like you that are too dumb to see the big picture because Rebney's balls are swinging in your face.

CindyO site profile image  

5/4/13 10:02 PM by CindyO

Talent, and hyping events. LMFAO@ this shit! They're hyping their talented FIGHTERS in events using their FIGHTERS names (Like Jones VS Sonnen). That's NOT promoting fighters and buiding their reputations??? They aren't building fictional characters. Nope, because MMA is real and the fighters. You must be thinking of WWE:) Or in MMA--they are promoting themselves. LOL again! Of course! That's why the events are names after the fighters headlining them. They do that to build the UFC and it does nothing for the fighters:/   Cindy

CindyO site profile image  

5/4/13 9:49 PM by CindyO

This sounds about right.   Cindy

CindyO site profile image  

5/4/13 9:47 PM by CindyO

A good agent and'/or a good trainer builds the fighter--not the promoter.   Annnnnd how does anyone know who they are w/o the promoter promoting them? Osmosis? Subliminal messaging, perhaps?   Cindy

BobD site profile image  

5/4/13 7:54 PM by BobD

So many silly ideas mashed together here... where to start. Saying 'Don't sign with Bellator because the contracts are bad' isn't saying anything about any other contracts, much less the contracts of the UFC.   Reading comprehension, how does it work? If someone is actually saying 'let Alverez go because he doesn't want to be there'.. sure that's nonsense... but the arguement really is.. the contract is over, and Bellator failed to match the terms offerd by the UFC.  Let him go. The idea that all contracts are binding and legal because they are wilingly signed by both parties is easy to refute.  I could draw up a contract, and convince you to sign it (for huge signing bonus let's say).  If the contract gives me unlimited rights over your person, possesions, future, etc.. (ie:enslaves you to me) that contract, though duly signed by both of us, and noterized.. is not legally binding.  In other words it's possible to write any contract you can put on paper, but it is not binding if violates, or requires either of us, to violate current law.  I do agree however that Alvarez should never  have signed the Bellator contract in the first place.  Hopefully whoever reviewed the contract in the first place, is no where near the legal team now.

Jweinberg site profile image  

5/4/13 6:44 PM by Jweinberg

The fans want to see Eddie in the big show asap! Eddie wants to move on.. Bellator should do the right thing at least for the fans.  I know I will not support Bellator due to this bullshit.