Pettis up for 'easy payday' fight with Diaz


 In his immediate future Anthony Pettis will have a world title fight with featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Pettis however has already stated that he will return to the lightweight division and it seems he would entertain a bout with Nate Diaz who recently called him out in an interview:

"I heard his interview and it just makes me laugh. I mean, the guy just got head kick knocked out by a pretty good striker, but for him to call me out it's funny to me because my striking is one of the best in the lightweight division.

I think he's trying to keep his name relevant and trying to stay in the mix, but I mean after losing like that it's - there's not much more you can do in the lightweight division. I think he's going to be moving back to welterweight and again, the comments are funny to me and if he does want to fight I'll take an easy payday."

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Rudi site profile image  

5/6/13 3:01 PM by Rudi


Jaybrone site profile image  

5/6/13 2:58 PM by Jaybrone

Nate offered absolutely zero offense in that fight. He got knocked down several times and never had a real sub attempt. He got rag dolled, picked apart striking, and out right dominated. It was a pretty solid tooling. He lost 50-45 and it could have been a wider margin than that. Seriously go back and watch that fight Nate got his ass beat.

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/6/13 2:45 PM by Jaybrone

Nate is still a tough fight for many guys. He was able to beat Cerrone, his best win, and thats no easy task. However he was able to get Cerrone to fight the way Nate wanted to fight. That is where the Diaz brothers shine. When they are able to get into their opponents heads. Those saying Nate is no good etc are overselling it and I can't stand the Diaz brothers. But that said Pettis is a smart and disciplined fighter he takes this if it were to ever happen.

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/6/13 2:28 PM by Jaybrone

Pettis all day. Diaz has sloppy yet effective striking and gets hit far to much. Pettis lights him up.

GriffinQ site profile image  

5/6/13 4:22 AM by GriffinQ

Must be a joke. Nearly everyone on this board agrees that Nate got his ass beat...

Mookie Blaylock site profile image  

5/5/13 9:32 PM by Mookie Blaylock

Rather see Pettis vs. Josh Thomson.

show no mercy site profile image  

5/5/13 5:41 PM by show no mercy

usually when you're talking about somebody being tooled in a fight, they at least got finished...or in danger of being finished...sticking and moving, leg kicks, and getting out of subs can mean a good performance, but i wouldnt call it tooling

DrunkenBatman site profile image  

5/5/13 5:19 PM by DrunkenBatman

This trash talk should be interesting

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

5/5/13 4:39 PM by FixedPartialArts

You're spinmeistering like crazy.As far as Nate, it wasn't just his last fight. That's a straw man. He's gotten demolished in his last two, one against a guy Pettis beat. And Nate has lost 5 of his last 9. The bigger picture is him not being an elite LW. As far as Pettis, you're really reaching to make him not look as good as he is. You bring up that he squeaked out a win vs. Stephens, but ignore that he knocked out Lauzon in his money round when most thought he'd have to win from Joe fading. You call him unranked too, like it's a meaningless win, when he was #11 at the time, and would have been 10 if Pettis weren't directly in front of him. Then you classify Cowboy as #10, when that's where he is AFTER Pettis demolished him. He was like 6 or so before that.Pettis has done much better than Nate when you look at results as a whole, in addition to being a terrible match up for him.

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

5/5/13 4:22 PM by FixedPartialArts

Just like the typical Pettis hater, making up crap about his history. He wanted no part of Stephens' stand up? It's the other way around, in point of fact. Stephens set the wrestling tone by taking him down and stalling multiple times in the first round to steal it after he talked smack about how he was going to take his head off. Then Pettis returned the favor to win. Stephens respected Pettis' stand-up more after that fight than even Cerrone's who beat him up. That's why he appropriately predicted Pettis would beat Cerrone before their fight.Anyways, what does two fights where Pettis was getting taken down on shots from distance have to do with Nate? Nate's not a wrestler. He's a striker who walks forward slowly and with no thought like a zombie. He also just got beat on the feet by two guys who kicked from distance, one who hurt and knocked him out via method. That's what Pettis does, only better. That's why people think Pettis would win.Pettis wouldn't even probably lose to most good wrestlers. People forget so quickly the Guida fight? More like you forgot so quickly that before that he faced practically nothing but wrestlers in UFC and bested them all. Beat Bendo, Castillo, and Roller. Pettis hasn't been the most consistent fighter, but overall he's never lost more than he's won against a certain style of fighter. Beat most strikers, wrestlers, and BJJ guys.