Female fighters: Fan sexism kinda sucks


This video of Cat Zingano warming up at the TUF 17 Open Workouts video got 43,000 views, and rising:

 This one of Tate and Zingano actually training at TUF 17 Open Workouts got 4,500.

"It kind of sucks," said Zingano. "My warm-up is something that's very calculated, something that I do a few times a day. To look at it the way it was portrayed in that video was strange."

You don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing, or a social scientist to know why the first video will end up with 10 times the views of the second.

MMAJunkie's Ben Fowlkes recently reminded male fans that despite the growth of MMA, when you solely focus on a female fighter being hot, she may well notice, and may well not appreciate it.

Many female fans feel no shame in ogling Georges St-Pierre (you think he's the "pay-per-view king" because his fights are all so thrilling?). So why shouldn't an intelligent, knowledgable, respectful fight fan... be able to appreciate, simultaneously, the talent and the aesthetic appeal of female fighters?

If you actually care about the sport of women's MMA rather than just the sports bras, it's worth considering what it's like on the other side of that equation.

Take Zingano, for instance, who never asked for anyone to shoot a video of her stretching routine and make it into its own Internet curiosity... Even after she and Tate nabbed a "Fight of the Night" bonus for their three-round battle, the next morning you could still find fans on the Internet debating their looks, watching videos of them stretching, all that.

"I thought it was a good fight for people to see what women can bring to the Octagon," Zingano said. "So it is kind of disappointing to go on and see what people thought of my fight and just see a bunch of unrelated, sexist things. It's like, 'Oh. OK. Never mind then.'

"You don't see fans saying the same things about guy fighters, but that's because it's usually guys talking about this sport. Male fighters don't look and see a bunch of people talking about his pecs or how rounded his ass is or if they can see his jockstrap lines through his shorts."

As Sara McMann pointed out, it's not that meaningful for a female fighter to be lusted after by a bunch of half-drunk dudes out in the darkness.

"Guys wanting to hook up with you is probably the lowest form of compliment a guy can give you," McMann said. "It really is. That's the bare minimum of saying something positive. If they say you're intelligent, if they say they respect you, if they say you're a great athlete, that is so much more meaningful in a male-dominated sport than saying, ‘Yeah, she looks hot.'"

That might be tough for some men to understand, since we're not so accustomed to strangers commenting on our looks. It's just not as much a part of our lives (unless you happen to be GSP). And when it does happen, it's more likely to happen in an appropriate, expected setting, like when we're out actively trying to meet people who might like (or at least not totally hate) the way we look.

Female fighters? They're at work. They suffered and sacrificed because they wanted to compete, not because they wanted to look good in a pair of tight shorts. As Julie Kedzie put it, "I like compliments...but I'm not looking to get laid through my fights. I just like the sport."

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Male fans and female fighters alike have that in common - we all like the sport, passionately. That should be enough to remind fans that when you post something lurid about a female fighter, she may read it, and it may feel creepy.

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CDarwin site profile image  

5/9/13 12:36 PM by CDarwin

  Beautiful women + MMA = the good stuff imo:    

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

5/8/13 10:08 PM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

Look at this new clothing technology:http://i.cdn.turner.com/si/multimedia/photo_gallery/0908/carano.vs.santos/images/carano-cyborg1.jpg

solidsnake site profile image  

5/8/13 2:36 PM by solidsnake

It's like Olympic women's volleyball. The day the athletes start wearing sweat suits I will focus a bit more on the game. If these women are concerned, they should take a page out of the original women's mma pioneer, Becky Levi and put on some board shorts and a t-shirt if they're camera shy.

303 site profile image  

5/8/13 1:39 PM by 303

Cat will be the fighter to get out of the 1st with Ronda and I think will push Ronda. My head says Ronda is going to win, but I think Ronda will struggle a bit more than she is use to with Cat. I think the way girls are looked at in MMA is because yes, there are some very pretty girls in the MMA world. But also because it is so new, and different to the way things have been done ever since that first fight in the UFC. Give it time, and it will all look "regular" in no time.

jjchgo site profile image  

5/8/13 1:21 PM by jjchgo

lol, this was the first thing i thought.

Meohfumado site profile image  

5/8/13 12:51 PM by Meohfumado

Meh...for decades I've known women who watch football just because they like the way a QB's ass looks in tight pants.We are biological creatures. To deny the primal desires of that biology is to deny ourselves.Humans gonna' human.

Steve4192 site profile image  

5/8/13 12:26 PM by Steve4192

MehThe stuff Ronda is doing is no different than the stuff male athletes do. The ESPN the magazine photo shoot she did features mostly male athletes. She's not doing cheesecake boudoir nudes. Her nudes have been more like what you would see in an art class where they are studying/sketching/painting the human form, not the sleazy softcore porno shots that some WMMA fighters seem to prefer.

Lasko site profile image  

5/8/13 12:23 PM by Lasko

Oh look, a woman is complaining about being judged by her looks. Alert the press!

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

5/8/13 11:36 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Mark Hunt needs to release a video consisting of him wearing white briefs and stretching his hamstrings. Just to keep things fair. Like the Title 9 of stretching videos.