Shields: I want to beat Woodley by either knockout or submission


Jake Shields is 2-2-1 since moving over to the UFC from Strikeforce and next will fight a former Strikeforce colleague in Tyron Woodley. Woodley successfully made his UFC debut with a devasting KO win over Jay Heiron, but Shields is confident he has the tools to shut Woodley down and break him:

"I think Tyron, he's a tough guy, but I have a lot more experience. Great wrestler, All-American wrestler, heavy hands. He's a tough guy but I think I have a lot more experience and just advantages everywhere. Wrestling is pretty even but I think striking I can beat him, I can beat him on the ground and tap him. I feel like it's my time. I want to go out there and bring a lot of pressure and break him. His jiu-jitsu is not bad but I don't think it compares to mine. He does have five or six submission wins so he isn't someone I'm looking at as no jiu-jitsu. I just think he's clearly not at me level, though.

I was a little surprised at Tyron Woodley, I was hoping to fight someone in the top five like Ellenberger again or Condit or Rory MacDonald. I was hoping to get one of those huge names but Tyron Woodley is a respectful opponent. I think he's ranked around 10 or somewhere around there. He's coming off a big knockout, he certainly a worthy opponent so I can't complain about the fight. He's coming off a huge win over Jay Hieron. He came out and dropped him right away and put him down, so he showed he deserved big fight by that win. I think I'm a big step up in competition for him but he's earned his shot. I need to go out there and not only win the fight but also finish him. I want to go out there and win by either knockout or submission."

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Authority Figure site profile image  

5/10/13 9:17 PM by Authority Figure

In for more lulz. 314 wins all day.

raags site profile image  

5/10/13 8:46 PM by raags

Shields has finished Lawler, Pyle, Daley... Him finishing Woodley is not out of the question

catgobling site profile image  

5/9/13 1:55 AM by catgobling

shields by submission mastery get it son

KneeToFaceKO site profile image  

5/8/13 8:10 PM by KneeToFaceKO

He couldn't finish a nobody on Bully Beatdown. Cmon son.

CormierCrackSniffer site profile image  

5/8/13 6:28 PM by CormierCrackSniffer

I rag on Jake a lot but he's probably a pretty good guy.Honestly hope he beats woodley

tonytr site profile image  

5/8/13 6:21 PM by tonytr

Shields strikes me as a guy who's probably just as much of a delusional jerk as the Diaz brothers except that he hides it in front of the cameras. His eye poke in the GSP fight was so blatantly intentional it's not even funny.

sevr1 site profile image  

5/8/13 6:15 PM by sevr1

Another UG News mistake....he said, "I want to beat Woodley by either submission or submission"

Nick Fury site profile image  

5/8/13 12:23 PM by Nick Fury

I like both fighters and hope for an exciting fight.

MisterMr site profile image  

5/8/13 12:19 PM by MisterMr

Shields may get cut if he loses this. Just like Jon Fitch, he costs ''too much'' for the UFC.

raags site profile image  

5/8/13 11:00 AM by raags

Er whoops. Mentor / manager. Brain fart there.