Ludwig using marijuana to help game plan fights for Team Alpha Male


Since Duane Ludwig took over as head coach of Team Alpha Male the team has been on a tear, winning almost all of there fights. Like most head coaches, Ludwig has a certain style an how he trains, coaches, and corners his athletes. Some are probably close to what other coaches do, and well one of this methods might be something new all together:

So what's Ludwig's secret weapon helping him take these already talented fighters to the next level? His answer (taken from part two of tonight's exclusive interview with "Bang") may surprise you.

"It's freakin legal. Let me address this issue. When I watch film, I watch film normal how I am now. Then I watch film when I'm high on marijuana. I also watch the film again when I have Alpha Brain in my system. I watch film from three different states of consciousness just to get different looks at things. Just to see if maybe I missed a step or a nice little detail just to get different looks on things. I take this serious as hell."

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NewGenUfcFan site profile image  

5/13/13 1:08 PM by NewGenUfcFan

I agree that this shouldn't be a big deal, but Im always glad to see positive press, uses, and results from marijuana:)

Jive Turkey site profile image  

5/13/13 1:05 PM by Jive Turkey

they're still charlatans you shouldn't be giving any money to. The placebo effect is never an excuse to market anything (especially when you're claiming scientific findings). Alpha Brain might be relatively benign in that regard, but when you've got homeopaths doing the exact same thing for debilitating and life threatening diseases, it gets dangerous. Quackery is quackery and it shouldn't be supported or given a free pass

Beefy Wellington site profile image  

5/13/13 12:52 PM by Beefy Wellington

Which translates to, " I live in a shitty no tolerance state and I dream everyday of living in Cali and burning great bud and fuck everybody who does cuz I can't!".

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/13/13 12:47 PM by Jaybrone

Who cares what a retired fighter turned coach does in his free time?

MantainPain site profile image  

5/13/13 1:12 AM by MantainPain

Regardless of whether the 'Alpha Brain' formula does anything or not (i share the opinion of 'not') the placebo effect it can incur is a scientifically proven phenomena.The brain is incredibly complex and powerful organ, and if you can trick it into truly believing something, there CAN be measurable results.So really... in a way it can work even if the medical ingredients are a dud.

Dekay site profile image  

5/12/13 8:25 AM by Dekay

I usually watch the fights shroomed out.... For you know, coaching purposes..

spirello site profile image  

5/12/13 7:46 AM by spirello

Nobody has ever claimed alpha brain is intelligence boostingdunno where you got that from sir

MMA_Hole site profile image  

5/12/13 7:01 AM by MMA_Hole

Alpha Brain: The intelligence boosting supplement you have to be a complete moron to believe in.

TheRaider site profile image  

5/11/13 5:10 PM by TheRaider

Didnt see this before posting. I had same thought.

TheRaider site profile image  

5/11/13 5:00 PM by TheRaider

Imagine how unstoppable they would be if he added a fourth time watching where he dropped LSD..