Liddell: Go knock him out, finish the fight


Chuck Liddell was one of the most feared strikers in the UFC during his prime and fought with a mostly finish or be finished attitude. Now retired, Liddell is a senior VP at Zuffa and has solid advice for the current crop of fighters who seem to be content with just winning:

“I’d really have to talk to the guys to see if that’s really what they’re doing” he says. “I see it like guys are trying a lot more to just get their win so they can get their next fight. When we were doing it, it was a lot more about just going out and fighting. I hate hearing in a UFC corner ‘you won the first four rounds, just stay away from him this round.’”

That approach, he says, makes sense from a coaching standpoint, but isn’t really the kind of fight he wants to see.

“The guy doesn’t have a knockout punch, hasn’t taken you down the whole fight, why do you have to go be afraid of him?” Liddell said. “Go out and win! Make it exciting, go knock him out, finish the fight.”

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MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

5/11/13 11:56 PM by MasterofMartialArts

I understand your point but I'm speaking in more generalistic terms, just the statement as a whole. There are lots of different arguments for what you are talking about.

drrilll site profile image  

5/11/13 10:49 PM by drrilll

It's hard to blame a fighter who is trying to win according to the rules that are laid out for them. It is the rules themselves that need to change. I have watched fighters take other fighters down and let them back up repeatedly, without doing anything else aggressive, in order to win a round. And they win! That isn't fighting. Tactics like that should be ridiculed. But the way the fights are judged it is a legit way to score and win. Until the rules are changed, that type of thing will never go away. You or I would do the same thing if it was a good career move.

UGCTT_CloudStrife site profile image  

5/11/13 8:16 PM by UGCTT_CloudStrife


Barbalos site profile image  

5/11/13 8:11 PM by Barbalos

This. Also that is ONE incident. A lot of guys are fighting for a UFC contract, and lots of guys get cut every year. No company is near perfect, but IMO it's the judges and judging criteria that is the problem, moreso than the UFC.

6ULDV8 site profile image  

5/11/13 3:12 PM by 6ULDV8

Do it like the ammys.  If a fight goes to a decision it's a draw.   Imagine the shitstorm that would cause?  Awesome, let's do it.

IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap site profile image  

5/11/13 2:18 PM by IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap

He also came in overweight. So...

Chiron site profile image  

5/11/13 1:23 PM by Chiron

Dana is definitely guilty of being inconsistent about cutting fighters. It seems they're giving more credit to fighters who are putting on a fight, win or lose, than in the past since the pointfighting problem started, but he's still inconsistent about it.

Chiron site profile image  

5/11/13 1:21 PM by Chiron

Everyone wants to finish fights, BUT some guys actually go out with that intent to finish and those are the guys that make it happen frequently. The pointfighters know if they finish it's more to do with a fortunate moment than because of their focus on going for it. Some go out with an intent to focus on points and winning the round over a mentality of "I'm going to end this guy" like you would in an actual martial confrontation. Those guys, though they would love a finish because even they know it's superior, know their strategy will win rounds but is highly unlikely to bring a finish because it doesn't really threaten the opponent much, if at all. But their content to focus on pointing to a decision because its the easy way out - requiring less martial skill and risk than focusing on the finish.No fan should support this. If a fighter isn't going to put a heavy emphasis on being loyal to fighting for the finish, as was always the main point, and isn't loyal to fighting for the fans then the fans would be fools to remain loyal to that fighter.

Æsbiorn von Øystæin site profile image  

5/11/13 1:16 PM by Æsbiorn von Øystæin


Chiron site profile image  

5/11/13 1:10 PM by Chiron

That's why the Iceman is such a legend. He was never in a boring fight, especially not one due to his strategy, because he was one of the best ever at focusing on fighting over getting points. The only time he seemed to make an effort toward points over trying to put the opponent away was in the fight with Wanderlei toward the end of the round when he went for the takedown but that was an anomalous moment in a fight where he still fought to finish for most of the fight so I wouldn't really hold that against him. It's the guys like Cruz, Guida, and GSP who focus almost exclusively on winning by points over a focus on threatening and finishing that are the growing problem in the sport and spitting on the whole point of MMA in the first place.