Wanderlei Silva wants to smell, suck Chael Sonnen's blood


Last week Chael Sonnen recently challenged Wanderlei Silva to a fight, https://twitter.com/sonnenchtwitter.com/sonnench and gave a 24-hour deadline for acceptance.

"Wand- you have 24 hours to accept," tweeted Sonnen. "If you do, I will donate 10% of my purse to help schools in your hometown of Curitiba .. I mean, VEGAS."

Silva however did not hear about it until a call from Ariel Helwani, after the deadline had expired. Helwani related Silva's response.

"Jon Jones and Anderson have been too nice to Chael," said Silva. "I want to suck his blood. I want to smell it. Not just fight. Not just fight. I want to hurt him. Chael is a joke, man. He’s going to be second forever. He’s never going to be first."

Astonishingly, Chael kept the ball rolling.

"I think the real breaking news there is that Wanderlei Silva put together a coherent sentence that somebody understood," said Sonnen said. "But I can assure you, Wanderlei, I will not be signing a contract for you to suck on any part of me. I suggest you go to a bath and find yourself."

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PointyShinyBurn site profile image  

5/16/13 12:54 PM by PointyShinyBurn

Wanderlei hasn't been subbed or stopped with GnP in his entire 16-year career across three weight classes, but Chael P "Can we go over that triangle defence again?" Sonnen is going to be the man to do it?Get a fucking clue.

Ex0dus site profile image  

5/16/13 10:35 AM by Ex0dus

Well said, VTFU!

JRockwell site profile image  

5/16/13 9:44 AM by JRockwell

Silva by headbutts and soccer kicks to the dome. He'll be DQ'd of course, but he won't care. Ref will have to literally pull him off an unconscious Chael.Ok, probably not, but you never know...

Fedoral Crime site profile image  

5/16/13 3:54 AM by Fedoral Crime

Is sucking even legal?

MarkRobinson site profile image  

5/16/13 2:39 AM by MarkRobinson

There's a lot of things to say about Chael but lay n prayer isn't one of them.He works but its doesn't seem to cause damage as much it wears his opponents out.I don't really care for this fight because I don't wanna see three rounds of wand on his back.

BadMon site profile image  

5/16/13 2:26 AM by BadMon

Chael is shook.   he's not gonna sign the fight.

abi site profile image  

5/16/13 2:23 AM by abi

VU lol

Attila site profile image  

5/16/13 1:56 AM by Attila

I want to fuck...I mean to suck...I mean to fight...

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

5/16/13 1:37 AM by I AM A MOFO

That's becaue Stann is a striker and Chael outgrappled him. If Chael stood with Stann ala Wandy he wouldn't have looked so good.Wandy also beat Bisping more convincingly than Chael (kinda)did.That said I predict Chael by smothering, but even better than Wand's TDD is his ability to get back up after a takedown.

sekundarburnes site profile image  

5/16/13 12:47 AM by sekundarburnes

haha, the glee on ariel's face at reporting all this drama