Dana White pointedly disagreed with NSAC marijuana policy in Feb


At UFC 159 Pat Healy was awarded a total of $130,000 in performance bonuses, for Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night. It is company policy to hold bonuses pending drug tests, and Healy's came back positive for marijuana.

The bout was changed to No Contest, and he forfeited the 130k, with 65k of it going to Brian Caraway.

While UFC president Dana White is duty bound to follow the rules, he made his feelings clear on the subject back in Feb when Julio Cezar Chave jr was fined $900,000 after testing positive for marijuana.

Dana White ‏@danawhite
Chavez Jr was fined 900k by the NSAC for testing pos for marijuana!! The NSAC has officially lost its mind!


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HexRei site profile image  

5/17/13 1:45 PM by HexRei

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1642446-wada-changes-marijuana-testing-policy-state-commissions-could-be-next   The World Anti Doping Association raised its limit to 150 ng/mL. The Nevada commission is looking to vote soon to increase it, possibly to the same 150 ng/mL limit. That would be a three-fold increase to the threshold of 50.

WoodenPupa site profile image  

5/17/13 10:40 AM by WoodenPupa

Perhaps Nate meant the English sense of the word, as in cigarette. Surely he meant that. True, it would then be a sophisticated non-sequitur, but that's Nate. That's just what that dude DOES.

panthonyjr site profile image  

5/17/13 4:47 AM by panthonyjr

The world is a fucked up place when smoking a joint is illegal but TRT is not.

WoodenPupa site profile image  

5/17/13 4:10 AM by WoodenPupa

Does anybody distinguish between "fag" and "faggot"? Makes a difference IMO. "Fag" has this Jeff Spicoli feel, a decidedly non-bitter, hard-to-take seriously, juvenile kind of sense to it. Whereas "faggot" has more of a teeth grinding, roid rage feel, sometimes an authentic homophobic sense. The way Nate said it, if I were Dana, I'd feel like some kid on a playground ran up to the fence as I was walking by and shouted "faaag!" while giggling. Who can even take that seriously?

rbl site profile image  

5/17/13 2:45 AM by rbl

It was probably the minute traces of weed in his system making him so aggressive. It's not a banned performance enhancing drug for nothing.

Alumynabjj site profile image  

5/17/13 1:28 AM by Alumynabjj

Are you a paid shill for Dana or just dumb? I have seen multiple posters try and spin this against Nate saying he was talking about Dana while everyone with a brain knows he was talking to Mrs. Tate.

leethal21 site profile image  

5/17/13 12:26 AM by leethal21

Call the boss a fag. Wow wtf were u thinking nate....unless it was planned I don't see it as a good idea

the geek site profile image  

5/16/13 9:24 PM by the geek

/rant over //continues to rant   Love it!

MartialArtsMixed site profile image  

5/16/13 9:21 PM by MartialArtsMixed

Keith Keizer 420 wut

youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

5/16/13 9:08 PM by youarewhatiswrong

Weird how that works, right?You'd think the Government could figure out that they could just legalize and tax.But it's because the profit margins wouldn't be as high as they are when it's kept illegal.Government = Cartels?