Trainer wants Anderson to beat Jones, retire


The good news is Anderson Silva finally signed a 10-fight contract with the UFC. The bad news is, Anderson Sillva is 38, and has been fighting since his teens.

In an interview with Tatame, Silva's trainer Rogério Camõess want Silva to beat Weidman 4th of July weekend, then beat Jon Jones in New York City, and retire.

"The biggest challenge would be Jones," said Camõess. "First the natural question of size difference. In his division, Anderson has the advantage of size, but Jon Jones has even more... He has the same power as Anderson..."

"He is very reserved in his choices. When he decides he will fight, he calls me, Ramon Lemos, and Distak ,and asks if we think he should fight. But first, the decision is his. He never talked to me about it, I never said any name.... He has a work ethic off the charts."

"After this fight against Chris Weidman, perhaps he will fight Jones in New York, and we will prepare for it. We never chose fighter. But I would like to see this fight against Jones yes. I think Anderson deserves to end up being called the best fighter ever."

"I want to see this as his last fight career - he wins and retires. "

Read entire article... Original Portuguese

How about it UG? Would two more winning fights and then retirement make Anderson Silva the undipsute GOAT?


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mofomike site profile image  

5/20/13 7:20 AM by mofomike

TRT Vitor starches Anderson.

Shanle929 site profile image  

5/20/13 1:39 AM by Shanle929

Yup just like how Cyborg want Rousey's belt. Hahaha had to say it

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

5/20/13 1:11 AM by da Vinci 81

This is the way it should be. If you want to fight someone move to their weight class and fight them. Don't act like a diva requesting catch weights if you're the one chasing the fight.

AFC1281 site profile image  

5/20/13 12:54 AM by AFC1281

Who the fuck cares? This fight isn't going to happen, anyways. Silva will want a washed-up Forrest Griffin for his final fight, so he can get that easy W. Jones and Silva should've fought 3 years ago, not when Jones is in his prime and Silva is an old man.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

5/18/13 12:53 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

I don't see how having Jones cut 30 pounds instead of 20 makes it fair. Then it's unfair to Jones lol. Just have them fight at 205, since Anderson has fought there before. If you all want this super fight you just need to accept that the size/weight isn't going to be fair. Jones is a lot bigger, that's why they fight in different divisions.

boxy site profile image  

5/18/13 12:02 PM by boxy

Agreed. Catchweight of 195 is the best scenario.

The cook site profile image  

5/18/13 11:18 AM by The cook

Agreed, my opinion. I mean Silva's record in Pride was nothing to boost about,(besides Carlos Newton and Hayato Sakurai) but since then has stopped every opponent he's come up against. Anyway, like you said, it's peoples opinions and there are many and varied out there.

omgjoshjames site profile image  

5/18/13 9:30 AM by omgjoshjames

Don't wanna thread hijack and turn this into another Fedor debate. My opinion is that he barely edges Silva right now as GOAT. If you don't think so that's cool. I agree that fighters will get better and better. 10 years from now people will probably be saying Anderson, Jones, and GSP all suck. But that's just like, your opinion man.

The cook site profile image  

5/18/13 7:23 AM by The cook

Fedor the GOAT ??? I just dont see why people rate him so highly? The GOAT is always going to be someone in the current UFC roster, The level of competition has never been higher, but this will always be the case. I mean, as time go's on and the sport evoles, we are naturally going to see fighters get better. How ever to say that Fedor could hold a candle to the likes of Silva, Jones is like saying Brian Caraway's elbo to Zingano's head was an accident... It's just silly..

UGCTT_nightkap site profile image  

5/18/13 12:17 AM by UGCTT_nightkap

Silva wont do it unless he's pretty sure he'll win imo. He's been fighting long enough to know what he's up against....I cant see him doing anything to jeopardize his record...I could be wrong.