Coach: Wand still a 'kid', hungry for fights


At 36 years old, Wanderlei Silva is a legend in mixed martial arts, and all but a guarantee for the UFC Hall of Fame. Despite an impressive win over Brian Stann in his last outing, Silva is only 3-5 in his most recent UFC stint and has been fightng professionally for over 17 years. Some media have called for his retirement, but according to his coach, Rafael Cordeiro, there's no reason yet for him to retire:

"I think his last fight, Wanderlei proved back in Japan, he fought in his area. He put his samurai spirit inside and he proved. Wanderlei has 36 years, but he is still like a kid. He is still like a kid that is hungry for fights and proved it by beating Brian Stann in a stand up fight, a muay thai fight. A lot of people say, ‘Wanderlei, he needs to retire.' But, it's hard for the guy to retire if he fights and he won bonus for the best fight of the night and the best knockout of the night.

uys like Wanderlei can't stop fighting because people say to Wanderlei he needs to retire and he say, "I fought that last guy, and the guys give me the bonus of fight of the night! Why I will retire?' So, Wanderlei proved he is still hungry for fights and never stop training."

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UncleGrappler site profile image  

5/18/13 8:33 AM by UncleGrappler

Wand is a legend-no doubt about it. It is funny however, that you will be roasted if you state some of the obvious things. He is at an age and point in his career that he can still pack seats, but as a gate keeper at best. Let's not forget what happened when he came to the UFC following his Pride-days. There's a reason he wasn't the same fighter physically. Go ahead and flame away.

GarlicSauce site profile image  

5/18/13 8:05 AM by GarlicSauce

"Wand still a 'kid', hungry for fights..."...against dementia, memory loss, Parkinson's, etc.

nyhcloyalty site profile image  

5/18/13 7:55 AM by nyhcloyalty

Agreed 100%. If you don't love Wanderlei Silva, you don't love yourself.

Señor Penis site profile image  

5/18/13 3:49 AM by Señor Penis

That right there is the best coach in MMA. I believe Wand KO's Chael too.

quality site profile image  

5/18/13 1:09 AM by quality

So it's a Wanderlei vs Chael retirement match? Both guys are great hopefully none of them are beaten into retirement this time around. This fight is probably an indicator for whoever loses to at least lose on top.