Chris Weidman was moments from signing with Bellator MMA


On July 6, 2013, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, undefeated Chris Weidman reaches the goal of every fighter in every fight sport - fighting the best. He does it as the headliner in UFC 162, with a cut of the PPV.

However, according to the NY Post, just two years ago he was 'broke as a joke' and on the cusp of being what he termed 'betrayed' by Bellator, with who he was about to sign.

Marc Raimondi has the story.

In early 2011 Chris Weidman had a contract in hand with Bellator and every intention of signing it. A night out with his family was planned for high-end Bryant & Cooper Steakhouse in Roslyn, NY. Weidman’s uncle, a lawyer, was just going to browse the document one last time. Nothing more than a formality.

But in the type he found a way that the life of the contract could be extended to three or four years, Weidman said. Initially, Bellator brass promised him it would be a two-year deal.

“I felt like I was betrayed by them,” said Weidman. “They never told me that. It was a little sneaky.”

“I was so upset. I was so let down. I was excited to go to Bellator.”

Bellator, through a spokesman, declined comment on Weidman’s claims.

Less than a week after painfully turning down Bellator, he got a call from the UFC. Maiquel Falcao and Rafael Natal, had injuries force them out of a middleweight fight with Alessio Sakara at UFC Live: Sanchez vs. Kampmann in Louisville, Ky., which would air on national television. They needed a replacement and Weidman, despite nursing a broken wrist, didn’t hesitate.

He took the fight and ended up dominating Sakara with his wrestling, winning a unanimous decision.

The way Weidman figures it, he would be Bellator’s middleweight champion by now and likely locked into a contract with them – perhaps not unlike what Eddie Alvarez is going through.

“Everything happens for a reason,” said Weidman. “Thank God I took my time and didn’t just rush into it.”

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Jake Thomas site profile image  

5/24/13 5:04 PM by Jake Thomas

when i was younger and had some attention buzzing around me from a lot of the local gyms, i almost signed a deal with the man who trains and manages george sotiropoulos. it was a two year deal giving the manager the option to extend it out to 5 years. i didn't like that deal. he explained to me the reason it is done is because when you are an up and comer, it takes a lot of time and money to get you noticed and the 10-20% they are keeping from your small purse doesn't even cover their expenses as far as paying for your coaching, nutrition, and time spent promoting you as an individual. i didn't like the deal so i didn't sign. i'm still friends with the man i didn't sign with and it makes sense. if you aren't the biggest show and trying to become the biggest show, why would you want to invest all the money and time into building a name for a guy, you believe will be a huge star and champion, if they are just going to jump ship to the UFC once they have a name? you take a risk by bringing them in, you invest time and money, and want to see a proper return from it. i believe that's the reason bellator did that. i wouldn't have signed either, although it does make sense to me why that would be in the contract. the part where they tried to hide it is the BIG issue. the person i almost signed with told me straight up. there are things in the contract i might not like. but why would he spend all the time and money on me, a nobody to mma, if when i become a somebody, i'm just going to jump ship and go to a big gym like jackson's, att, or aka?

whoabro site profile image  

5/23/13 11:25 PM by whoabro


Chris27 site profile image  

5/23/13 11:12 PM by Chris27

Thats not true, they have signed top prospects and they continue to sign good prospects.Maybe more top guys are gonna wait for the UFC now since Bellator has been put on blast for their contracts and how they are handling the Eddie situation but they still sign good fighters.

Chris27 site profile image  

5/23/13 11:10 PM by Chris27

Yeah I'm sure he is full of shit and was never offered a deal, smh.Why would Bellator be interested in an unbeaten ROC champ who for years now Serra has been claiming is the future MW king.He thought he was signing a two year deal but Bellator has clauses that extend the contract up to four years if you make a tournament final, win a tournament or win a title, so he didnt sign it.

Haulport site profile image  

5/23/13 10:36 PM by Haulport

I felt not signing Weidman, Miocic and Michael McDonald were huge mistakes by Bellator......

Authority Figure site profile image  

5/23/13 9:51 PM by Authority Figure

Where's the proof? Seems interesting that everyone is now sharing their "Bellator" betrayed me stories. I wouldn't be surprised to find out someone got paid or encouraged to push that storyline. The vast majority of Bellator fighters aren't complaining - at all.

Phil999 site profile image  

5/23/13 3:59 PM by Phil999

Would have been nice to actually see some of the contract wording. It just seems to be a blogger reporting what Weidman told him.

NomoRomophobia site profile image  

5/23/13 3:45 PM by NomoRomophobia

Hope he took his uncle to dinner!

ssj site profile image  

5/23/13 3:23 PM by ssj


MMALOGIC site profile image  

5/22/13 6:30 PM by MMALOGIC

and that's why the best prospects do not sign with bellator.