White fed up with bull$#!^ fighter conduct


In January at the UFC on FOX 6 pre-fight press conference, UFC COO Lawrence Epstein announced the company had initiated a written code of conduct. The UFC’s Conduct Policy does not represent a new policy, so much as it is a codifying existing standards.

“This stuff’s already frankly been in place for many, many years and we’ve always sort of had an unwritten code of conduct that we expected our athletes to live up to," explained Epstein at the time. "Now we put it in writing, that’s really the only change. There are some teeth in the program, penalties associated with violations, but as far as we’re concerned this policy is going into effect immediately.”

The teeth have sunk in, three times so far:
•UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione was fined enough money to "make him call me three times," and suspended for harsh comments directed at transgender fighter Fallon Fox.
•UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva was fined $50,000, for missing a media obligation.
•UFC lightweight Nate Diaz was fined $20,000 and suspended 90 days for calling Bryan Caraway "the biggest Fag in the world."

At the UFC 160 media day, UFC president Dana White said he thought the fines were effective.

"I am fed up with the bulls—-," said White.  "Money makes people f---ing react real quick.  Sorry's great, I love a sorry here and there, sorrys are always good.  But when you've got to start forking out some cash, you start remembering a lot more."

White also responded to fans who say fining Diaz $20,000 for use of the bigoted term "fag" is unfair, as White himself infamously used the word to refer to female reporter Loretta Hunt back in 2009.

"Do you think that I didn't pay in a million different ways for saying that word?" retorted White. "The difference is I'm really sorry for saying it. I am not a homophobe whatsoever.  When I said it, I have people that work for us that are gay, I have friends that are gay. It is a word that bothers them and it's a word that shouldn't have been said.  I had the same argument that Nate had, and I don't disagree with that argument."

Nate Diaz's manager Mike Kogan argued emphtically that the term as used by Diaz was not homophobic.

"The word faggot, at least in Northern California, and where Nate is from, means bitch," said Kogan. "It means you're a little punk. It has nothing to do with homosexuals at all. So when Nate made the comment that he made, he didn't make it in reference to homosexuals or calling Caraway a homosexual. He just said it was a bitch move."

White agreed that Diaz did not intend to use the term in a homophobic context, but he said that doesn't matter, because it is offensive, regardless of intended meaning.

"I grew up in the 80's and that was a word you used," said White.  "If you go back and watch Sixteen Candles, that word is in Sixteen Candles.  Molly Ringwald says it to Anthony Michael Hall. I was watching another 80's movie the other day where these little kids are saying it. That's the way it was.

"It's not that way anymore. It's an offensive word that they don't like and people want to call it oh we're bowing down to political correctness.  No we're not, we're being civil human beings."

White was asked if an apology from Diaz is expected.

"I'm not going to tell grown men to apologize if they're really not sorry," said White.

White was then asked if Kogan's defense cause his client more harm than good.

"Managers are scared s—-less of their clients.  No manager wants to come out and say 'he was stupid for saying that.' You're one phone call away from not working for that guy anymore. Managers don't matter. Let me put that one out there.  I don't give a s—- what they have to say or what they think or whatever. They're puppets."

As White's entree to MMA was as a manager for Chuck Liddell and TIto Ortiz back in 1997, and he avered nothing had changed since then.

"I was a puppet, too," said White.

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FJJ828 site profile image  

5/27/13 4:09 PM by FJJ828

Would love to hear about Zuffa fining DFW for unprofessional conduct. Would be poetic.

Silva vs Fedor site profile image  

5/27/13 3:24 PM by Silva vs Fedor

All this is very surprising coming from a guy who has exercised-as well as publicly defended the right to exercise- freedom of speech... His entire career.It's all about the Benjamin's as usual.For god's sake just let the fighters speak their minds.

fnunderful site profile image  

5/27/13 2:09 PM by fnunderful

If Dana was serious about the image of the UFC he wouldn't hang out with convicted rapists.

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

5/26/13 1:31 PM by ShawnTheBadger

Good questions Chew22.  And thanks for the kind words and open mind.  The following answers your questions, but is not directed specifically at you sir.   When a minority group of any sort adopts the language of their persecutors it is a defensive mechanism to show solidarity, to take some (not all) of the bite out of the offensive language.  To attempt to own the language and therefore internally modify it to less offensive (not inoffensive) within the targeted group.  To illustrate to another similar human being that the term does not always involve a lynching.  To make fun of the bigoted assholes that use the term with all the inherent viciousness and hatred that spawned it and will always be associated with it.  Twisting the slurs context to an affectionate or playful term within the group.  "My nigga!" said Denzel. You cannot blame the victims for their natural defensive response to their aggressors and attackers. If you are able to use those words around your gay friends, then congratulations.  They know you and love you and you are now part of the healing process.  You have been given permission, within that specific personal group, to use their insider interpretation and context. You will know for sure if one of the insider group calls you that slur (or similar) in a joking fashion. If you are not, or the conversation stops *and you can hear a pin drop* when you affectionately/jokingly say "fag" then they do not trust you yet.  You are still an outsider.  You have not proven yourself. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, which you always are in public, then do not use the fucking language.  Period. If that is "unfair" or "hypocritical" then you are trying to blame the victims for their defense to slurs that a judgemental, cruel and violent society coined to torment and terrorize them.     You should use the word faggot or it's abbreviation fag.  As long as you use it exactly as often as you utilize nigger, spic, Wop, Kike, beaner, or slant.  And for the exact same reasons. If you don't use those other slurs, for whatever reason - respect and common decency or fear, then you already have your own answer on gay slurs and you know how you should behave.  What you should or should not say, and not because it is PC, because it is the right thing to do.    

chew22 site profile image  

5/26/13 10:28 AM by chew22

ShawnTheBadger,Thanks for your posts and great perspective and courage to share it.The one remaining topic I'd like you to address if you don't mind is the use of terms within and without a group and its acceptability.So if you are hanging out with a group of LGBT friends and the offensive terms are used within the group, does that still have the same stigma and effect on you personally to remind you of the persecution? Or does the context lessen the impact or cause you to ignore it?If a hetero friend joined your social group of LGBT friends are they OK to join in the use of offensive terms along with the group within that context? But not outside that context?The reason I'm asking is I'm considering never using those terms again. But I kind of don't like it that all my black friends can use the n word but I can't, so my use of slang is restricted in that group. Then, black comedians make fun of me all the time for acting different and mimic my non use of slang terms, when I'm forced to talk that way or offend. It seems to me kind of unfair in general. It bugs me a little, but not a lot because it's nowhere near as unfair as that group had it for centuries so I accept it as my payment for something I never did but a bunch of people with my skin color did in the past.Do you get my meaning?

TheWolf88 site profile image  

5/26/13 5:25 AM by TheWolf88

Seriously right, what's next any pre talk trash talk or shoving at weigh ins will be fines or what

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

5/26/13 12:47 AM by duckhuntgangsta

Sound to me like your looking for reasons to be racist and homophobic. Blacks use the the N word, like how gays use f*gg0t, to take ownership of the word. It was the best response at the time to a repressive society. So no you can't use it Ina civilized manor. You can use it if you're a cognizant bigot.

Jambo888 site profile image  

5/26/13 12:27 AM by Jambo888

or he's running a professional business and not jackass.

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

5/25/13 4:51 PM by ShawnTheBadger

ShowtimeWreckedMyLeever... I appreciate your kind words.  Along with plenty of other posters in this thread, you know who you are gentlemen.   To directly answer your questions. It was offensive, it did offend me as a person.  It is an indirect but clear insult and disrespect to the minority group to which I belong.  Regardless of intention. People should use the word faggot/fag exactly as often as they use nigger, spic, Wop, or Kike.  And for the same exact reasons. No more, no less. That's the short answer. :)     Here's the long answer. There is a couple types and several shades of bigotry.  I'll address two. Folks that are like the Westboro Baptist Church or KKK are easy to spot.  Most folks think they are kooks.  They are blatant, outright, and unapologetic for their raging and clear bigotry and prejudice.  Often proud of it.  So far, one (1) guy on this forum really, really qualified.  A Moderator handed him a vacation notice. Nothing I can say or do will ever change those hard-core bigots minds. Most of the folks using fag/faggot on this board are merely youngsters acting immature, self-centered, rebellious, and talking tough.  They claim the Southpark definition of fag as their definition.  They don't have a hatred for gays, most of them are actually pretty tolerant.  Young, brash, niave, self-absorbed, uncultured, inexperienced and always right.  The do not have a broad view of the world, it's hard to see the world when it is revolving entirely around you. Nate falls into the above group.  I don't hate him, I don't think he hates homosexuals.  I don't condemn him, I condemn his stubborn and piss-poor choice of words. The problem with any group trying to appropriate a slur, is that there are three (3) or four (4) generations that preceded those niave youngsters and are still alive.  And a word that has been firmly and clearly established as a slur, both hateful and bigoted, for a very, very long time.  In this case, a highly-negative and demeaning association with homosexuality cannot be so easily erased, glossed-over, purposefully ignored, nor forgotten. The broad base of generally tolerant society (Nate) using the slurs "fag and faggot" continues to imply and infer that homosexuals are second-class citizens.  Homosexuals are even less worthy than other minoritys, because at least most folks know why they should not use nigger, spic, Wop, Kike, slant (etc, etc).  Out of respect and/or fear of righteous and understandable repercussions.  No such respect is given to homosexuals by the majority of society still utilizing "fag and faggot."  This absolutely gives tacit consent to other folks to push things further. Violent, mean, nasty, amoral folks decide to literally (instead of just figuratively or metaphorically) treat homosexuals as second-class, sub-human, citizens and target them.  Focus their hate upon these "lesser humans."  These incredibly easy-targets.  Over 1,200 violent hate-crimes per year, every year, in this country alone.  Most of which were undoubtedly accompanied by chorused screams of "faggot." The words fag/faggot make an impression on me every single time I hear or read them.  It may be a small impression, a mere fleeting mental-note for the record, a roll of my eyes, a shake of my head, doing the RCA-dog, but I notice.  I notice because it reminds me and everybody else in earshot of my second-class citizenry.  My role as the eternal butt of the joke. It reminds me of the coppery taste of blood, the crash of bottles, the sterile smell of ER rooms, and my dead friend.   It does not ruin my whole day.  It does not keep me from buying a Blue-name, it does not stop me from posting. I do not "report folks" or start arguing about the full implications of bigoted language with them in every (single, solitary) thread.  But I definitely notice. On some level, to some degree, in some way, however subtle or insidious, everyone notices.          

ShowtimeWreckedMyLeever site profile image  

5/25/13 8:41 AM by ShowtimeWreckedMyLeever

Shawn,This was easily the longest post I've ever read here and I am being honest when I say I hope everyone reads it. I am not going to go into a right vs wrong, moral or immoral debate about a persons sexual preference, but I need to know something;You said in your life that the term fag was thrown around pretty much like candy, and even explained how its been used as a hate term since 1914, I want to know if you personally felt what Nate Diaz said was offensive and if it offended YOU as a person.