To the UG, love Mike Tyson


To the UG Love Tyson

From: dfw jr
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"Hey Underground,

This is Mike Tyson. I'd like to say thank you - I appreciate all the kinds words you were saying.

"I'm at the fights tonight, I hope you're having an exciting night... it seems to be one!

"Thank you,"


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UGCTT_mrzipplokk site profile image  

6/11/13 11:59 AM by UGCTT_mrzipplokk


LyotoBundy site profile image  

6/11/13 9:31 AM by LyotoBundy

I wanna be like Mike

jonpall site profile image  

6/11/13 9:26 AM by jonpall

Didn't see this thread until now. Holy shit!

torquemada site profile image  

6/11/13 5:59 AM by torquemada


Augustus Caesar site profile image  

6/11/13 12:22 AM by Augustus Caesar

Better late than never, IN.

uniquetechnique site profile image  

6/11/13 12:20 AM by uniquetechnique

Bruce was the reason I did

Michai site profile image  

6/11/13 12:17 AM by Michai

Mike was one of the reasons I got into martial arts as a kid. I wanted so badly to be as badass as him. I played his boxing game on nes religiously when it first came out. Then there was a period where I fell out of fandom with him because I thought he was an overaggresive dick. Then I saw a documentary on his pigeons and I was won all over again. Tyson you are the man and Im totally stoked your into mma too!

mister3mma site profile image  

6/11/13 12:14 AM by mister3mma

Iron Mike!!!

BigFootsSkinnyArm site profile image  

6/10/13 11:59 PM by BigFootsSkinnyArm

Still fapping

chrisbaker site profile image  

6/10/13 11:57 PM by chrisbaker