White: T.J. Grant 'literally wrecked' everyone on way up


Canadian T.J. Grant is on a five fight win streak; next stop is a title shot vs. UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson.

“It was a shocker," said UFC president Dana White. "(Grant) just turned it on and is wrecking everybody, literally wrecking everybody.”

Some complained that Junior dos Santos rather than Grant deserved the $50,000 Knockout of the Night performance bonus, but White isn't having it.

“For T.J. to knock out (Maynard) the way he did tonight, he earned it," said White.

Henderson was asked about the upcoming fight on Twitter.

So, TJ Grant up next on the docket. How you feelin' champ?

Benson Henderson @BensonHenderson
Feeling giddy...love knowing who's next...

How about it UG? Did you notice Grant as he was coming up, or is it a bit of a shocker?

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Recent Comments »

Forssberg site profile image  

5/28/13 5:34 AM by Forssberg

Wiman is a top LW and so is Evan Dunham. He beat Wiman and Gray with a decisiveness that Bendo would have never been able to.

panthonyjr site profile image  

5/28/13 5:08 AM by panthonyjr

Racist? I have interacted and follow Henderson on Twitter, and have never gotten that impression.

fitnessplus site profile image  

5/28/13 2:36 AM by fitnessplus

Josh Palmer was a training partner but not a coach of TJ's and hasn't been there for some time. The gym is full of studs that help prepare him for battle along with the additional training partners that are brought in to help for each camp. I don't think it was ever a specific training partner, but the entire team that has helped in his success.

TJGTT_Halichap site profile image  

5/27/13 4:17 PM by TJGTT_Halichap

Please define spotched record in this context. Also lol at will never be.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

5/27/13 3:41 PM by KingofBJJ

He did not "literaly wreck" everyone on the way up.  He beat all of the guys he was supposed to beat and the only person who comes close to being a top name, Maynard,  walked in with a spotched record. I don't think he is ready for Bendo, or ever will be.

WoodenPupa site profile image  

5/27/13 9:36 AM by WoodenPupa

Cardio and accumulated punishment were factors in the Hunt KO, whereas in the Maynard KO, they were not. Maynard was fresh when he was bombed out, so that was more impressive to me.

MM-eh site profile image  

5/27/13 8:59 AM by MM-eh

Josh is the man. TJ's coach Scott always brings in excellent talent for TJ to train with. This time it was Charlie Brenneman and Chris Feist (Johny Hendricks training partner 6-0) Guys who have come up for previous camps have been Ben Askren and Michael Chandler, Leo Santos and Wagnney Fabiano, Jordan Mein, and Guillaume DeLorenzi.

UltraViolentRay site profile image  

5/27/13 7:49 AM by UltraViolentRay

FitPlus has been bringing the right guys in for TJs camps for a while now. And I'm more than biased when I say this but TJs striking jumped up when Josh Palmer was at FitPlus

Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

5/27/13 6:21 AM by Fraser_Finlay

Hey, it wasn't up to me.JDS was supposed to get KOTN but it was Mike Tyson that said Grant should get it, maybe Tyson thought the same thing a lot of people (me included) did and that's why he voted for Grant over Junior...

Jack Carter site profile image  

5/27/13 6:09 AM by Jack Carter

So it's no longer for best KO, it's for which guy who delivered a KO needs the money the most?