White/Velasquez agree on stoppage


Antonio Silva expressed he felt that his bout with Cain Velasquez was stopped early and that the referee was negligient in allowing the bout to continue after illegal blows to the back of the head and neck. However, UFC President Dana White and the champion Velasquez disagree:

"I thought it was a good stoppage," Velasquez said on FUEL TV's UFC 160 post-fight show. "He wasn't really moving, he wasn't trying to get on his feet or get to his back, so I thought it was a good stoppage."

While Silva wasn't knocked out cold, he was badly hurt after Velasquez landed a clean right cross that sent the Brazilian toppling to the ground. The champion followed up with a flurry of ground shots and Silva stopped intelligently defending himself, which signified that he was done in the referee's eyes.

"It was a good stoppage," White stated after the event. "I don't think it was a bad stoppage. You know me, if I thought it was a bad stoppage I would be freaking out. He got knocked down, he was hurt and he was hammering him.

"Could it have gone a little while longer? Of course, but the ref is in there and he has to make that decision and I have no problems with that stoppage."

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Ozzabong site profile image  

5/27/13 8:24 PM by Ozzabong

Yes sir!!!! VTFU

hendofanforlife site profile image  

5/27/13 8:11 PM by hendofanforlife

Kneeling on the ground and earmuffing yourself is NOT "blocking punches" It's a modified fetal position and is not intelligent defense. Even though Brock came back I was shocked it wasn't stopped in the first. So using a controversial continuance doesn't mean early stoppage in the recent case

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

5/27/13 7:56 PM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

I don't think it was super early, maybe a little. I do think Cain got a little Vitor happy and hit the back of the head a couple times, but nothing worth anything penalty wise.

PatrickVilone site profile image  

5/27/13 4:20 PM by PatrickVilone

If you're blocking punches with your head then I think it should be stopped. 9+ unanswered blows after getting dropped in the fashion he did... nuff said

PatrickVilone site profile image  

5/27/13 4:18 PM by PatrickVilone

Definitely a good stoppage. He dropped straight in between his legs then rolled over into turtle stance just to eat 9 or so punches.. one did hit the back of the head. But one of the early TD attempts that got stuffed you can clearly see bigfoot hit the back of cains head. Cant wait to see Cain smash JDS again

KingofBJJ site profile image  

5/27/13 3:46 PM by KingofBJJ

There may need to be a rule change against covering up.  I mean what are you supposed to do?  They say you arent' defending yourself, but blocking punches is defending yourself.  Worst case scenario is that the guy on top gasses out and then it becomes a Lesner vs Carwin bout.

GarlicSauce site profile image  

5/27/13 2:14 PM by GarlicSauce

It's in the UFC's financial interest to say so, and for Cain - who brings in the big and sports-loving Mexican demographic - to remain champion, even if it means supporting such an abomination of a stoppage. Their main event turned out to be crap and they're ok with it, as long as they got their Mexican champion.

ZOMG site profile image  

5/27/13 1:34 PM by ZOMG

Too many delusional people. The ref's job is to stop a fighter from taking unnecessary damage. If a fighter is not going to come back, no sense in letting him get hammered. Yes it's a judgement call when this happens, but lets be honest. Congo springing up from the Pat Barry shot was crazy, but Bigfoot was wilting. Cain would have landed another 25 shots and the outcome would have been the same. Bigfoot should be thanking the ref for saving his face, he was not getting back up with CV on him.

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

5/27/13 1:11 PM by Unwariestpickle

This. I don't think anybody can even argue otherwise.

TheAxeMurderer84 site profile image  

5/27/13 1:08 PM by TheAxeMurderer84

I absolutely see that being the case.