Pettis: Aldo's in my way


Anthony Pettis was guaranteed a title fight in the light weight division, but would have to wait for it. Instead he choose to step down in weight class for an immediate title shot at Jose Aldo, a fight he's confident he'll win:

"I feel like my stand-up's something he's never seen," Pettis said.  "He's not going to be able to find training partners that can do what I do.  I'm used to the leg kicks.  I've been kicked there since I was five, so I feel like my range is longer than him. I'm bigger than him, I can match him in speed and power and I've got a style like nobody else’s."

If the fight with Aldo goes well, Pettis has made no bones about his desire to eventually move back to the lightweight division and settle things with Henderson in that division as well.  For now, his focus can only be on Aldo, but there is no denying he will be a lightweight again one day.

"Aldo's in my way, I can't really think about 'let's move back to 55.'  Let's see what happens at 45 first and then I'll make my decision from there," Pettis stated.  "155 is my home.  I've got a guy like Aldo in front of me, that's enough for me to focus on.  Jose Aldo is next and that's all I'm focusing on."

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FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

5/31/13 3:00 AM by FedorEmilioEstevez

Good stuff but I was watching his last few WEC fights btw, just think Aldo is a different animal

Pessimist_Pete site profile image  

5/31/13 12:32 AM by Pessimist_Pete

If he loses then Aldo wins.

rockafella site profile image  

5/31/13 12:20 AM by rockafella

Not to mention he beat Guida. Did Guida even land a punch?This fight should be awesome and hopefully is competitive and hopefully the start of an amazing trilogy.

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

5/30/13 11:54 PM by FixedPartialArts

So beating the current UFC champ doesn't constitute a good win because it happened in the WEC before you started watching his fights? Pettis has a lot more than 2 good wins. Even the Roller win was good if you look at who he beat surrounding. He was a different animal in WEC, possibly on PEDs given he was approved for a TUE in UFC and then didn't use it.Anyways, you can only beat who you face. And Pettis should have gotten a W against everybody but Guida. One loss. Aldo has a loss earlier in his career too, against a much worse fighter than Guida, and it was by finish, rather than a decision where he took no damage but made dumb strategical choices getting caught in the emotions of his octagon debut.

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

5/30/13 11:47 PM by FixedPartialArts

First you sniped at Aldo and his manager for trying to go against Dana's wishes and refuse this fight.Now you're sniping at Pettis for wanting to move back up to 155 after this fight. Yes, if he wins he thinks he can move up to 155 after this fight if he really wants to. Dana White can't force fighters to compete at weights where they aren't comfortable. That's the fighter's choice, as much as you hate them to have some leeway. Dana can't do jack about it, but back up the Brink's, and it's still up to Pettis. I doubt it means that much to them anyways vs. him fighting in an uber marketable super fight title rematch of a classic. If he elects to move back up, they're going to be pressured into giving him the shot straight away because of the fight they'd be passing up and Bendo would be an even bigger paper champ than he is now if he was avoiding the clear-cut #1 contender and top 10 p4p fighter in his division who already beat him.You're such an obvious Zuffa shill it's pathetic.

FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

5/30/13 2:16 AM by FedorEmilioEstevez

Really? He didn't look like a world beater against Stephens or Guida. 2 good wins does equal a greater talent than Aldo in my book. Guess I can bump this after they fight.

BrattMamley site profile image  

5/29/13 1:41 PM by BrattMamley


easedel site profile image  

5/29/13 1:40 PM by easedel

Hate this shit they are doing with these two divisions. What MMALOGIC said above ^ Should never been giving a title shot vs Aldo in the first place without at least fighting Bendo first. If he loses vs Aldo, then what? Move back up and be even deeper in line for the belt?Most likely be giving a rematch vs Aldo ( thus stalling the division ). If he wins? Has to stay down and defend the belt while Aldo moves up anyway to fight Bendo. What about Bendo? Will he stay where he is or move up eventually? Two divisions will be log jammed with these 3 because of Pettis moving down.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

5/29/13 1:14 PM by MMALOGIC

155 is his home? if he wins does he think he's just gonna up and go while the division is left hanging?Although he's a good stylistic matchup for aldo i think he made a mistake because he has more trouble with smaller and faster wrestlers (ie clay guida) than bigger ones like Bendo.Pettis should have stayed at 155 fought bendo and moved down if he lost.

ZombiedKoreanTurnipHead site profile image  

5/29/13 1:03 PM by ZombiedKoreanTurnipHead