Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett slated for UFC 164


 Last week it was announced that Josh Barnett had finally come to terms and would be joining the ranks of the UFC's heavyweight division. In an interview last week, former champion Frank Mir said that a match up with himself and Barnett would be awesome. Apparently, somebody was listening, as the UFC announced the matchup tonight on Twitter:

#UFC164 gets a heavyweight clash of entertainers - @TheFrankMir vs @JoshLBarnett! Tix now on pre-sale … #HD110 #MKE

read official Twitter...

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UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

5/31/13 7:24 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy


philipee32 site profile image  

5/30/13 4:56 PM by philipee32

boing! this is probably the most interesting non title fight ever! that includes both athelets not having a chance of winning the title in the future.

boxy site profile image  

5/30/13 4:38 PM by boxy

I'm often critical of the UFC's matchups and especially their cards (for good reason), but kudos to them for making this happen.It seems they were listening.

Neil McCauley site profile image  

5/30/13 4:36 PM by Neil McCauley

another visit to the strawberry patch for mir.

UGCTT_sideshowsteve site profile image  

5/30/13 4:25 PM by UGCTT_sideshowsteve

This news gave me a boner that just won't go down!  Thank god I'm not working today.   Oh, and WAR BARNETT!

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

5/30/13 3:49 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

Is Mir the gate keeper now? Looking forward to this. Mir right now, is the best all around Mir we've ever seen.

LotionInTheBasket site profile image  

5/30/13 3:45 PM by LotionInTheBasket

Yeah "they."So, did you have a point to quoting my post or did you just want cuckolded?

Michael Chase site profile image  

5/30/13 3:41 PM by Michael Chase

Two fighters trying to make a great match-up more entertaining before it happens will turn you off...?Fans are weird.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

5/30/13 3:25 PM by eljamaiquino

Like Wand/Chuck, its a bit late, bit theres still props and bragging rights on the line.

chokeyou site profile image  

5/30/13 3:21 PM by chokeyou

Yeah, you see Barnett's subs coming. But his mount is deadly.