Silva posts 'proof' of illegal blows Velasquez used to end fight


Tonight UFC heavyweight Antonio Silva posted a photo and message to his Instagram, showing what he deemed proof that Velasquez landed illegal blows which caused the referree to call a stop to their bout at UFC 159.

"Winning or losing is part of sport and every professional athlete has prepared for these kinds of results, sometimes it's how you lose. The photo above on the left was taken hours after the fight and on the right was taken today, was told by several people that I took blows to the back of the head where it is considered irregular blows, just see the pictures and video of the fight to confer ...

I do not want this making excuses for my loss would have rather been knocked over without conditions to raise or terminated than have lost in my view unfairly ... Blow to the ear does not get swollen like part of the rear of the head."

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kkmmnn site profile image  

5/31/13 12:27 PM by kkmmnn

bummer for both guys. Bigfoot looks like a crybaby and Cain has his win questioned. these boys need to grow up and handle their losses like Chael, with class

glasscasket site profile image  

5/31/13 11:53 AM by glasscasket

So what exactly does he want? A no contest and a rematch? Cain would tear him up 10 times out of 10 and Bigfoot would probably have an excuse for each one. I only see two shots to back of the head and those were while Silva was in the process of faceplanting. If anything, those are Bigfoot's can't change your target mid-punch.

Horribilis site profile image  

5/31/13 11:41 AM by Horribilis

White knight...It's the interwebs. So anybody can say anything they want (right Diaz?) and we can call it like we see it. So I can say he's a pussy and your moms a whore

Horribilis site profile image  

5/31/13 11:35 AM by Horribilis


One&Done site profile image  

5/31/13 11:25 AM by One&Done

There is just a huge difference in how Big Foot and Hunt are handling their losses at 160. Hunt seemingly has more legit gripes (visa delays, broken toe a minute into fight) but other than reporting the broken toe like any fighter would he’s handled everything very gracefully and with dignity. IDK about Big Foot though, he seems to be reaching for all sorts of reasons and excuses and making a lot of fuss. They are teammates at ATT perhaps Big Foot can take a page out of Hunts book on how to lose a fight and stay grounded in reality.

dummythrust site profile image  

5/31/13 11:18 AM by dummythrust

i guess the general consensus is that they're not to the back of the head but to me they look to the back of the head. usually guys in that spot have to hit around the guys arm to get the face or do what cain is doing but try to connect with the jaw or go for the me it looks like he's hitting the back - but maybe that's legal. head kicks and hooks can land in that sort of position occasionally, but not from that angle

AttentionDeficitDizzle site profile image  

5/31/13 3:03 AM by AttentionDeficitDizzle

Looks one has a head that big

Rambo John J site profile image  

5/30/13 6:26 PM by Rambo John J

Yay! brain Damage!

athsportsnutrition site profile image  

5/30/13 6:23 PM by athsportsnutrition

Cain is a beast!

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

5/30/13 6:20 PM by ranier wolfcastle

cains instagram response well, it should be...