No glove touch to 15 second KO in Malaysia


Firuz Karomatov vs Muhammad Hakim biz Azmi
MFC - Malaysian Fighting Championship 6
Southgate Commercial Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
25 May 2013

(1:10 mark)

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Augustus Caesar site profile image  

6/7/13 4:06 PM by Augustus Caesar


Vette13 site profile image  

6/7/13 4:00 PM by Vette13


HITMAN DAN DIAZ site profile image  

6/4/13 1:54 PM by HITMAN DAN DIAZ

100% they did a stare down and touched gloves already. he gave no indication he wanted to do it again. i liken this to someone who shakes your hand again right after they just shook it. weirdos. 

Gobulcoque site profile image  

6/4/13 12:52 PM by Gobulcoque

Touching gloves after the bell is bullshit, it's time to fight, not be buddies. You've already touched gloves 5 seconds before, nothing else is needed.

Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

6/4/13 12:42 PM by Ninja Tea Party

They're not sparring at the gym, they're competing in an event. Do you see sprinters giving each other hugs or hand shakes after the starter pistol fires? Do you see footballers bump fists with the opposing team's goalkeeper whilst the ball is still in play and in the area? I think once the fight has started it's disrespectful to NOT come out fighting, unless you already know the other person wants to touch gloves.

Jesus KO'd stayrad site profile image  

6/3/13 12:56 PM by Jesus KO'd stayrad

Il 3rd that.

TuLegit site profile image  

6/3/13 11:16 AM by TuLegit

Seemed like a bitch move to me.

Giventofly99 site profile image  

6/3/13 10:54 AM by Giventofly99

UFC fighters do this on occasion. Colton Smith did it on TUF after signaling he would touch by rasing his hand before the round started. Paul Kelly also did it to Cowboy although that one looked a bit more accidental. And yes it is a b@#ch move. You don't counter an additional show of respect with a show of disrespect in return...

scaredy cat site profile image  

6/3/13 8:09 AM by scaredy cat

I do this on UFC Undisputed 3 all the time. In real life though, it's a dick move.

fedro site profile image  

6/3/13 4:55 AM by fedro

Haha VU