War Machine goes OFF on state of MMA sponsorship


War Machine@WarMachine170
•My awesome sponsor @gardenofliferaw is gonna be giving out $50 in free product to all who take my seminar!! @genesisjiujitsu Be there!
•You know what, f--- it, I AM gonna go buy a Lotto ticket! If I win I'm gonna give that money back to that @ufc guy who got his bonus stripped
•If you add stripes to your black belt you're just like a peacock, or a puffer fish; trying to make yourself look bigger than you are #CHEESY
•Ain't no one better than my coach Baret Yoshida, guess how many stripes he has? Zero. He don't wear a gay ass "red belt" either.
•Just for the record @RowdyBec's hubby did not leave her because she tweets me too much, the @theUG is dumb, pretty sure she left him.
•F---!!! I didn't even win the $50 million Lottery!!!
•Here's a big F--- YOU to all you cheap ass MMA sponsors out there, kill yourselves, we bust our asses in that cage for PENNIES, f--- you.
•You f---ing clothing companies,promoters & managers get rich off of OUR pain and suffering ya'll and have the nerve to nickel & dime us?
•In 2008 Sprawl paid me like $1200 (maybe more, I forget) to wear their shorts on a NON-televised fight, now they offer $500? JOKE!
•All of you dumb f--- fighters need to start telling these companies to F--- OFF! Don't accept their low ball offers, make them pay us fair!
•I'll wear a BLANK shirt, a BLANK hat and BLANK shorts-no they won't be blank, they'll say, "MMA SPONSORS ARE CHEAP F---S" on them all!
•EVERYONE in MMA is making money EXCEPT the f---ing fighters! I bet Arianny Celeste makes more f---ing money holding up a f---ing ring card!
•And ALL of you MMA fighters who are seeing my f---ing posts and AREN'T RT'ing them have no f---ing balls! You know I speak the truth.
•No wonder why Evan Tanner killed himself once his career was over, yeah I f---ing said it, it's TRUE! How many more of us will do the same?
•Every fake ass fan that I "lose", or that "unfollows" me is a f---ing BLESSING.


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Big Pun site profile image  

6/7/13 2:27 PM by Big Pun

Evan's ass hair deserved more respect than War Machine

saemskin site profile image  

6/7/13 2:04 PM by saemskin

It was really strange about Evan's death. One day he posts that he is going on a hike in the desert, and there is this *one* spot that could kill him if there is no water there.Then a couple days later... he dies from exactly that.Guys like War Machine have no business talking about Evan Tanner, but the way he talked about it, then it happened. Odd.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

6/7/13 11:20 AM by chaplinshouse

ah, 1st world problems

UGRBTT_th1s_guy site profile image  

6/7/13 11:07 AM by UGRBTT_th1s_guy

U watch ur dirty whore mouth you !! Lol

Big Pun site profile image  

6/7/13 10:02 AM by Big Pun

I rank his opinion right there with the guy who is under the bridge next to the liquor store asking for a handout. He will be back in jail soon.

Spring Thomas site profile image  

6/7/13 9:44 AM by Spring Thomas

Nah she's said she didn't cheap with him on her hubby. I believe her. But I don't doubt for a second she didn't search for his porn scene online and gaze at that meaty veiny hog

Millzy site profile image  

6/7/13 9:25 AM by Millzy

What's this stuff about Bec Hyatt being a cheating whore on their twitter?Someone please fill me in?

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

6/7/13 8:40 AM by Pitbull3744


Spring Thomas site profile image  

6/7/13 8:35 AM by Spring Thomas

Funny thing is if he posted here just one time the amount of nuthuggers on his jock would fill a plane

Dominique Robinson site profile image  

6/7/13 8:27 AM by Dominique Robinson

I agreed up 2 the Evan part as well