Lauzon plans to 'out do' last Boston performance


It has been three years since the UFC put on their first event in Boston and Joe Lauzon fought under the UFC banner for the first time in his home state. Lauzon put on a dominant performance, running through fellow TUF alum Gabe Rudiger in two minutes and earning a submission of  the night. Once he learned the UFC would be returning Boston, Lauzon immediately asked to be included on the card, and really wants to out do his last impressive performance at the TD Garden:

“I’m really super excited to be fighting in Boston, but at the same time it’s going to be really hard to live up to that last fight,” Lauzon said to MMA Fight Corner. “It was the first time the UFC had come to Boston. It was the first time I got to fight in the Garden. It was such an awesome fight, a pretty one-sided beating. Everybody hated Gabe. It’s a lot to live up to. I’m going to try to out do it, but it’s going to be tough.”

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6/11/13 11:46 PM by Unnamed


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6/11/13 8:43 PM by Chiron

Win or lose I'll support Joe. The Lauzon brothers are everything an MMA fighter should be.

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6/11/13 3:58 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Everything about this guy I like.Some guys you just know are the real deal, and this is one.Good luck, Joe!

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6/11/13 3:57 PM by Leghound


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6/11/13 3:06 PM by ssj

JL via murder

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6/11/13 3:06 PM by ssj

i remember that fight like it was yesterday .. god dam what an ass kicking lol

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6/11/13 2:41 PM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

So he's going to literally kill him?

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6/11/13 2:38 PM by chaplinshouse

can't outdo the ruediger fight.  rarely do u see two guys matched up with that big a gap in skill.  

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6/11/13 2:37 PM by chuck dawoogis

good luck joe.i see him getting a sub quick

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6/11/13 2:33 PM by NomoRomophobia

Joe is one of my all time favorites.One of the most interesting and exciting fighters in the world.I know he hates it, but...War Creepy Joe!Don't kill me.