John Howard: How I broke marathon bomber's nose


Boston-based Middleweight John “Doomsday” Howard recently appeared on Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show for a wide ranging interview, and discussed his desire to fight at UFC on FOX Sports 1 in his hometown, and sparring with deceased Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

“The reason why he trained at my gym was because he was a good boxer. He wanted a good sparring partner, and most gyms he went to, a lot of guys couldn’t hang with his boxing. He was beating guys up. The reason why he came to Wai Kru was because you had me as a UFC fighter and you had other good strikers there who weren’t scared to take a beating or give one. That’s how I knew him.”

“One day we was sparring and it got a little too physical. Me being an MMA fighter and him being a boxer, it was like a little rivalry thing and we were boxing and we kind of went kind of hard one time. I give him credit. He was a good boxer, but because of the power I possess, I could put anybody down, I believe. What happened was, he got a little cocky. He was touching me up. He was getting the best of me. We went at it, and I caught him with my left hook, my famous left hook, and broke his nose. When I broke his nose, he covered his face. His body was open, so I turned my angle and I hit him with a body shot -- with my right hand, a body shot, and I dropped him. That was the end of the sparring match.”

"I did feel kind of bad. I was like, ‘Man, I went too far.’ But ever since the tragedy happened, I don’t feel bad. The only thing I regret is I didn’t keep hitting him and choke him out and put him out of his misery.”

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Howard has not lost since the UFC released him in 2011.

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Ajm1218 site profile image  

6/15/13 1:28 PM by Ajm1218

What do John Clarke and the NSA have in common? No one is anonymous on the internet to them.

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6/15/13 9:36 AM by cwcoogan

Don't mind me, I'm just going to subscribe to this thread right here...

John Clarke site profile image  

6/15/13 3:32 AM by John Clarke

Hey John Karam, be careful what you wish for.

panthonyjr site profile image  

6/14/13 12:17 PM by panthonyjr

Last I heard he was fighting with Combat Zone in NH

panthonyjr site profile image  

6/14/13 12:11 PM by panthonyjr

That's some samurai shit right there! I like you style sir. Respect

panthonyjr site profile image  

6/14/13 12:09 PM by panthonyjr

I've been very involved in John's twitter campaign to get in the Boston card. It just a fucking same for him not to get picked up for this. I have read rumors he is even willing to fight for free?!?

Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

6/14/13 11:30 AM by Stannis Baratheon

And this is no doubt the reason Howard never mentioned it till after the bomber got dead.

Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

6/14/13 11:24 AM by Stannis Baratheon

Motherfucken this.And turdnugget voted down till you wake up to yourself.

LILBROCK site profile image  

6/14/13 8:50 AM by LILBROCK

Disrespectful to the bomber. What happens in training, stays there.

Immaculata site profile image  

6/14/13 7:42 AM by Immaculata

Me too.