Barry: Steroids not a factor


 Almost a year ago Pat Barry lost a fight to Lavar Johnson, getting TKOd in the first round. Two fights later, Johnson would test positive for elevated levels of testerone. It's undetermined whether or not Johnson ha the same advantage in his fight with Barry, but according to Barry himself it doesn't matter and didn't factor into the fight:

"I'm not saying everyone should or they shouldn't (use steroids). I don't. Red Bull – that's about it for me."

But doesn't irk Barry, who's fought 10 times in the UFC but never put together back-to-back wins, to think opponents are getting an unfair advantage? In a sport in which winning can be the difference between millions of dollars and the unemployment line, don't you want to know there's a level playing field?

At least with Johnson, Barry said he's not concerned about it.

"It doesn't matter," he said. "It doesn't matter if you have skyrocketing levels of anything. It doesn't matter. I don't take that as a factor. Lavar beat me. Lavar Johnson is the man. He's cool as a mug. I've been talking to him regularly, and hopefully we'll be able train one day.

" … He beat me that day. That had nothing to do with any elevated levels of nothing. He beat me. He punched me in the head, and it was over. That's it. Lavar's the man. He deserved that win. He earned that win. He outfought me that day."

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cecils_pupils site profile image  

6/12/13 8:29 PM by cecils_pupils

Much respect Pat. I have enjoyed watching you fight since you joined the UFC. You proved Cecil Peoples wrong when he said leg kicks don't stop fights. I know you are being respectful to Lavar, and I'm sure he is as cool of a dude as you are Pat, but I would hate to see you get bounced from the UFC because the fighters you go against don't keep the playing field level as you do, resulting in losses that u rightfully may have won if your opponent didn't have an unfair advantage.Good luck on Saturday, and may the force be with you.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

6/12/13 7:35 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

This was my original though, as well. But I like Pat too much to stay with that opinion.

IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap site profile image  

6/12/13 7:29 PM by IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap

You're a bad, Pat.

IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap site profile image  

6/12/13 7:29 PM by IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap

Bad ass*

youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

6/12/13 7:12 PM by youarewhatiswrong

Love me some Pat Barry

Señor Penis site profile image  

6/12/13 7:08 PM by Señor Penis

Barry is a good dude.I would like to see Barry vs Schaub. That guy needs to get humbled again.

HYPEorDIE site profile image  

6/12/13 6:53 PM by HYPEorDIE

All I was saying was that its not a factor "to me". I'm sure it has its advantages, but I don't give a shit. I feel I can still compete against someone who's on it.

Mark Hunts Pet Monkey site profile image  

6/12/13 6:12 PM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

Barry is great. Pat vs Hunt needs to happen before too late. Would be an awesome fight.

MattyECB site profile image  

6/12/13 5:51 PM by MattyECB

Ya I don't necessarily agree, but I do love this type of response. So refreshing when you consider the amount certain fighters whine about -- even when it isn't a legitimate gripe like Barry's

MattyECB site profile image  

6/12/13 5:49 PM by MattyECB

Always been a huge fan of Barry's and comments like this just cement it. Leave it to the fans, the organization and the ACs/WADA type orgs handle the crucifixion and shunning. You just keep worrying about winning, and at the end of the day, even though I'm sure it gave him an edge, it doesn't mean that's what let him win. Between the injuries fighters go into, the differences in training camps, locations...etc, it's just another factor to put into the mix. It's bullshit imo because it's an edge, but as a fighter, I think this is the best attitude to foster, especially for a fight that long ago. Don't burn bridges, don't make excuses and keep the chin up Barry. You're always a boss, and with the fucked up amount of fans you have, my mind will be blown if you can't parlay your career into some cushy job after -- regardless of the direction it takes in coming years!