Aldo: Pettis will 'regret' drop to featherweight


Anthony Pettis made the decision to move to featherweight in return for an immediate shot at Jose Aldo's title, a move Aldo hopes to make Pettis regret:

"I will prove that he should have stayed at lightweight and not drop down. After the fight, he will regret having fallen down to featherweight. I'm adapted, I always fought here. We have to respect, but here is our world and we will show who we are."

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Argo site profile image  

6/13/13 5:54 PM by Argo

Obviously Aldo wishes he could have had an easy 145'er to fight instead of an inspired and dangerous Pettis. He just now need s to convince himself that he's all he thinks he is.And let's be real here. Pettis (and Edgar) would not have been able to cut the line if any of the other 145'ers were worth a damn right now.

fightharder site profile image  

6/13/13 11:59 AM by fightharder

I am a big Pettis fan so i am actually really glad the fight is happening. It really has so much fucking potential to be one of the greatest fights of the year and perhaps MMA history period.   Still i do think Aldo is right,the division hopping needs to stop. Or at least be restrained a little. If you are not a champ i think it is only fair that you at least fight and beat an estabilished top three contender in the division before getting the shot. So Pettis should have fought an Korean Zombie first.   I am going to pick Aldo with listining to my brain but if i listin to my heart i hope Pettis will take it and rules the divisions. His style is just soo sweet to watch.

Bat21 site profile image  

6/13/13 11:16 AM by Bat21

Pettis. I don't think Aldo will be able to handle his speed and dynamic striking. At some point, Pettis is going to put shin-bone to skull and it will be alllll over.  

Bailx site profile image  

6/13/13 11:08 AM by Bailx

LOLgooddoc gets my vote up for the day

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

6/13/13 9:38 AM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

I think he seems more upset that the UFC passed over true 145 contenders and gave Pettis an immediate title shot. He also needs sti sell the fight.

Jetster site profile image  

6/13/13 8:48 AM by Jetster

Pettis will show he is the next Dominant Champ ala A.S and GSP

FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

6/13/13 8:18 AM by FedorEmilioEstevez

I think Aldo takes this in the early rounds. He seems pretty psyched for this fight and will be looking to prove something.

gooddoc site profile image  

6/13/13 6:56 AM by gooddoc

They are young hungry lions, but Vitor is the old Lion praise cheesus.

UGCTT_CreepysStacheWax site profile image  

6/13/13 4:56 AM by UGCTT_CreepysStacheWax

Aldo. Sn bet??

UGCTT_CreepysStacheWax site profile image  

6/13/13 4:55 AM by UGCTT_CreepysStacheWax

Aldo is a diff type of monster. A way scarier one.