Thomson: Does gay marriage open door for acceptance of incest, pedophilia?


Today UFC lightweight Josh Thomson posed an interesting, but ludicrous question on his Twitter that has already sparked a huge debate on the Underground: 

Should you be allowed to marry whoever you want? Before you answer that, should u be allowed to have more than 1 wife?

read official Twitter...

Thomson expanded on his tweet in posts on his Facebook page, questioning whether or not allowing gay marriage would open the door to allowing other types of marriage that are socially questionable:

My next question is, should siblings be allowed to marry siblings? My point is, where do you draw the line? I personally don't care who you marry but I also am smart enough to know that it opens a gateway to men/women trying to marry young kids, siblings marrying eachother and people having multiple husbands an wives. You have to think all of these things are okay otherwise your stopping them from being happy as well which is hypocrisy. Equality doesn't stop with gay marriage, it just starts with it.

Blacks an whites getting married is nothing like this. So your okay with R. Kelly trying To marry lil girls? People trying to marry their brother or sister? Animals? Etc? Those people want the same exact thing, to be happy. Are you gonna tell them no?

It's unsure if Thomson is purposely trying to be provocative to fire up people in an intense discussion, or perhaps is ignorantly arguing his own point. Either way, the discussion has got people on Facebook, Twitter, & the Underground fired up. It will be interesing to see if Thomson's statements garner a reaction from his employer, the UFC, as last month fellow lightweight Nick Diaz was fined and suspended for UFC of a gay slur on Twitter.


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HexRei site profile image  

6/23/13 1:26 AM by HexRei

Oh wow, you turned that right around there. Wait, no, you're still a moron.

kingkoopa site profile image  

6/23/13 1:24 AM by kingkoopa

Reading comprehension hex... learn it

HexRei site profile image  

6/15/13 11:27 PM by HexRei

How much of a fucktard do you really need to be to ignore all arguments regarding consenting adults and victims that have been said in the last 25 pages HURRR DURRR the fuck out of a comment like that?

kingkoopa site profile image  

6/15/13 9:20 PM by kingkoopa

Im in disbelief to the hate toward healthy incestuous relationships and the handicapped children it produces.The lot of you must've had a hard time coping with the special ed kids in school.Ppl with birth defects are people too. They have the right to live just like the rest of us. You guys need to stop waiving your bigot fingers at ppl who participate in incest and zoophilia. Just because you dont understand it doesnt make it wrong these ppl were born that way. Its not a choice. PSThere are studies showing ppl dont choose to b pedophiles. They are born that way

HexRei site profile image  

6/15/13 12:20 PM by HexRei

You could always read the last 25 pages where these points have been being discussed for days

sadic1 site profile image  

6/15/13 11:41 AM by sadic1

If one is going to favor legalization of gay marriage based on the idea that it's wrong to discriminate against 2 consenting adults who want to legally bind their union and are presumably not physically hurting anyone, then how can they possibly oppose legalizing siblings getting married or multiple adults getting married?

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

6/15/13 8:08 AM by ShawnTheBadger

You're link showed me nothing other then minorities are still persecuted more then gays. Do you understand percentages? Homosexuals make up 4% of the population and suffer 20.8% of the Hate Crimes. Non-whites make up 37% of the population and suffer 46.9% of the Hate Crimes.   Also in WW2 you can get a count on how many jews and other minorities were gassed compared to gays, i can promise you that it will be at the bottom. Quote:  "The Nazi campaign against homosexuality targeted the more than one million German men who, the state asserted, carried a "degeneracy" that threatened the "disciplined masculinity" of Germany. Denounced as "antisocial parasites" and as "enemies of the state," more than 100,000 men were arrested under a broadly interpreted law against homosexuality. Approximately 50,000 men served prison terms as convicted homosexuals, while an unknown number were institutionalized in mental hospitals. Others—perhaps hundreds—were castrated under court order or coercion. Analyses of fragmentary records suggest that between 5,000 and 15,000 homosexual men were imprisoned in concentration camps, where many died from starvation, disease, exhaustion, beatings, and murder."  End quote.   Yeah, those damn homosexuals had it easy in Nazi Germany.  Arrest, imprisonment, institutionalization in the loony bin, castration, and/or thrown into prison camps.  Lovely. Your arguement seems to be "they don't have it so bad." Once again, I ask you, do all minorities have to be equally persecuted and mistreated in order for them to "qualify" for equal civil rights, respect, and common decency? Can you tell me which other minority in the world currently faces imprisonment or death in 76-countries world-wide?  Name one please. I have shown conclusively, without any question, that homosexuals are indeed a highly targeted and persecuted minority group both in the past and the present.  It is flat-out undeniable.  Facts from the FBI and the United States Holocaust Museum.      

HexRei site profile image  

6/15/13 1:50 AM by HexRei

This post was so idiotic in so many ways, I honestly can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

UnderTheClock site profile image  

6/15/13 1:26 AM by UnderTheClock

I think of gay marriage as a work, but I wasn't brainwashed by the current crop of teachers. Then again, I care so little about gays and their issues that I wouldn't go out of my way to oppose it.

sitchpack site profile image  

6/14/13 11:10 PM by sitchpack