Henderson: There is no truth to Chael Sonnen's 'little lie'


Last year UFC 151 was cancelled after Dan Henderson was injured, and Jon Jones refused late replacement Chael Sonnen. Jones came under intense fire from nearly the entire sport for turning down the fight with the lighter Sonnen. The Jones camp said in their defense that it was Hendo who was at fault, for delaying news of his injury, perhaps in an effort to benefit Sonnen.

On Sunday's episode of "UFC Tonight: Fight Edition" Sonnen said he had in fact known about Henderson's injury before the UFC (and the public) did.

"This kind of reminds me of the time me and Dan Henderson set up Jon Jones on 8 days' notice." Sonnen then turned to the camera and said, "he finally admitted it."

Then on Tuesday's edition of "UFC Tonight Chael Sonnen said he made it up.

"All we know for sure is that I lied," said Sonnen. "I said one thing and then I said the exact opposite. You turned to a liar to tell you the truth? That makes as much sense as going to a Kardashian for marriage advice."

In a recent interview, Dan Henderson was not impressed with Chael's shenanigans.

"Have you known Chael to tell the truth all the time?" asked Henderson. "Or ever, for that matter? No, it's absolutely not true, there is no truth to that whatsoever. It's one thing for him to say what he says, but when it involves me in a little lie, I guess that's when I have a problem with it. But I didn't put a lot of stock into it because I think Chael's proven that not everything that comes out of his mouth is the truth. Usually he texts me when he's going to say something. I had no warning on that one."


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MMA Playwright site profile image  

6/11/14 8:15 PM by MMA Playwright

In Brazil!

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

6/16/13 1:06 AM by Unwariestpickle

He got wind of it somehow, that's for sure. Still doesn't mean Hendo had anything to do with it at all.

Thingading site profile image  

6/15/13 6:30 PM by Thingading

I doubt Chael would want any part of Hendo. He's probably been KO'd 10 times alone in their training sessions with Dan only throwing the H-bomb at 80% and with Chael wearing headgear. I kind of like Chael, but he knows this wouldn't end well for him.

quality site profile image  

6/15/13 1:40 AM by quality

Only one solution. Chael vs. Hendo.

WhiteMustang site profile image  

6/14/13 11:53 AM by WhiteMustang

Did people actually believe Chael? Ha ha

epwar site profile image  

6/14/13 11:30 AM by epwar

Yeah, so Sonnen just randomly started calling out Jones a few weeks prior to the announcement of Henderson's injury.

wiggum site profile image  

6/14/13 11:29 AM by wiggum

I love watching Hendo interviews. They are so refreshing.

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

6/14/13 11:09 AM by Pitbull3744

Chael talks better than he fights.