White: Every fighter is picking Weidman over Silva


 At UFC 162 Anderson Silva will defend his middleweight title against perhaps his stiffest test to date in undefeated Chris Weidman. At a media scrum on Thursday, UFC President Dana White commented that most fighters he's talking to, including Georges St-Pierre are picking Weidman to dethrone the champion:

"All the pros, when you talk to all the fighters - every fighter out there that I've talked too that we've interviewed thinks Weidman is going to beat him [Silva]. Georges St. Pierre thinks he's going to win so much that he didn't even want to plan to fight Anderson."

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Yaang Sam Kun site profile image  

6/17/13 1:36 PM by Yaang Sam Kun

Love the rockband.gif lol

UGCTT_nightkap site profile image  

6/17/13 12:44 PM by UGCTT_nightkap

Thanx man. Dana's just doing his job. And so is Weidman for that matter. Chael really set a new standard for self promotion. He showed guys if you want something bad enough, just be loud. If that doesn't work...get louder! Squeaky wheel gets the grease right?The only guy not doing his job is Andy. He really never has...aside from a few clips during the Chael fights. BUT...he really doesn't need to. Why? He has all of us doing it for him! LolSilva does so much crazy matrix shit that he doesn't need to really say a word before his fights. Chris is gonna have his hands full. He can be as confident as he wants outwardly. But somewhere in his head, way back in a little corner of his mind, he knows what he's up against. He's watched every Silva fight. He has had to watch Andy mentally & physically destroy almost every guy to step into a cage with him. All he really has to hold onto is the fact that Chael ALMOST won that first one. And that he's like a younger, faster, stronger version of Chael. He's probably watched that fight dozens of times. Chris is going to spend the whole fight using strikes to set up takedowns. And using the threat of TDs to throw good strikes. We may see Andy employ a crazy stragety like he did against Bonnar...I dont know. But I have a feeling we're in for a spectacular fight!

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

6/17/13 11:29 AM by JustAnotherMMAFan

Well, Weidman and Demian Maia seemed pretty even, and I actually thought Maia was winning the striking war, and had a slight edge during their fight.Weidman's statement that he was getting crazy with the rumours of Silva's rib injury makes me think he might be a bit too anxious for his title shot...If he is not mentally prepared for this fight, he's going to get k.o.ed fast.

Humphrey site profile image  

6/17/13 9:05 AM by Humphrey

i think you're on the right track, and i don't believe for a moment that even a majority of fighters believe that.but dana is mr hyperbole so what do you expect? every time silva fights, or any long time champ, the next guy to fight him is going to beat him... regardless of who it is.christ people were talking jake shields up like he was the next big thing, he fizzled out badly and is relegated to undercards, and even with an injury in the fight GSP beat himthis is just typical stuff. the heavyweights are where it gets different because all of them can end a fight in one punch. that's probably the hardest division to stay on top of in the UFC. Silva, GSP etc. are beating anyone they put in front of them, that's not quite the case in the heavyweights. that's what makes that div exciting. they just need to get rid of people like Roy Nelson that have no respect for the sport and think they can rely completely on ko power. Christ the guy is a rock star at BJJ but he never uses it. course since he has the gas tank of a gnat i guess it's understandable.but anyway, i think your statement is spot on

chaplinshouse site profile image  

6/17/13 9:03 AM by chaplinshouse

pffft.  and grizzly adams had a beard...

Stephen Holder site profile image  

6/17/13 8:59 AM by Stephen Holder

The more people keep sayin Wiedman wins and the more Chris talks, the more I hope Anderson shuts his shit down. Wether or not Wiedman has what it takes to beat Silva, one thing is for sure the dude has false confidence. Hes talkin up a big game to psych himself in hopes that he sets a high standard and meets it. When Silva's opponents have done this in the past it looks like right up to the last second they solemnly believe their own hype but once the bell rings lo and behold they realize they've just put a shitton of added pressure onto their performance and crumble. Dana is definately trying to hype up this fight by saying this, wether or not its true or wether he believes it, I can guarantee you he wants these fighters to be wrong lol. No way does he want the GSP/Silva fight or the Jones/Silva fight to be jeapordized. If it is true that all the fighters are claiming this, realize fighters can be wrong. I always tell people when this topic comes up to find the Sherdog article asking some 40 odd fighters (among Coture, Hughes, Penn, ect.) how Rashad's chances were against Chuck when they fought. I think only 4 people didnt skoff at the idea Rashad would beat Chuck.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

6/17/13 8:03 AM by Reed Rothchild

BLAF selling wolf tickets.. Again

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

6/17/13 7:30 AM by Bobby Lupo

If you want to make money betting MMA, ask a fighter who is going to win, then bet the other guy

Jone2tone site profile image  

6/17/13 7:19 AM by Jone2tone

I sometimes play the UFC game on XBOX Live, and I think Anderson will win.Does that count?

orcus site profile image  

6/17/13 6:22 AM by orcus

I don't know if one takedown and lay and pray that would put Jake Shields / Antonio McKee / Gray Maynard / etc to shame is doing well.