Pat Barry manager: Bout ending blow was an eye gouge


Pat Barry lost to Shawn Jordan via strikes at UFC 161 Saturday night. However, his manager Brian Butler, of SuckerPunch Entertainment, says the bout ending strike was an accidental eye poke.

Butler also not that he was coming forward about the injury of his own accord, noting that Barry never complains about officiating.

"The eye poke is what stopped Pat.  He was not dazed or even close to being unconscious," Butler told Bleacher Report.  "Watch the way he just turtles up to cover his eye.  If it was more blatant, the ref would have given Pat time to recover, but it was hard to see.

"You can see Pat actually almost tap to motion the ref it was his eye, but Shawn was hitting so fast he couldn't remove his glove from his eye."

"This was set to be a great fight, and what most people didn't see was that this stoppage was due to an eye gouge Pat received from an uppercut. The strikes themselves did not cause Pat to go down.  He took a thumb directly into his eyeball and turtles up to protect it.  Unfortunately, the ref did not have the angle I saw it, and the fight was stopped."

Butler said he had not yet determined whether he would file an appeal with the regulating commission in Winnipeg.

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Recent Comments »

AshBox site profile image  

6/19/13 7:18 PM by AshBox

Hate that he lost...Shitty

BernardHopkins site profile image  

6/19/13 7:11 PM by BernardHopkins

indeed it doesand after this experience, you are now a man.the next time a talented fightman nails you in the eye, you can think back to this time and remember you will be ok.there is no need to turtle, young patrick.“Forget about winning and losing; forget about pride and pain. Let your opponent graze your skin and you smash into his flesh; let him smash into your flesh and you fracture his bones; let him fracture your bones and you take his life! Do not be concerned with escaping safely- lay your life before him!!” ? Bruce Lee" Do not be concerned with escaping safely- lay your life before him!!” easy for me to say, right?

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

6/19/13 4:05 PM by Vulva Fabulous

He's a HW, he's a big guy!

Ingrained Media site profile image  

6/19/13 4:01 PM by Ingrained Media

Fights can only be overturned if collusion or mistakes were involved. A missed call or a bad call by a referee is not considered one of those mistakes. The only option would be to ask Zuffa for a rematch. Scorcards being added wrong and failed drug test are the only times I can recall seeing a fight overturned.

Standup29 site profile image  

6/19/13 3:39 PM by Standup29

Well invent that shit already! :pWhatever it was, it was clear your eye was the issue.Thanks for the honesty and heal up! Looking forward to your next fight. Oh and can't wait for more videos!!! Haha

Porkchop site profile image  

6/18/13 11:34 PM by Porkchop

Honestly, I thought it was obvious right away the way you responded that it was an eye injury.I was amazed that Joe and Mike didn't catch on at all too.It was pretty easy to tell that your eye had been fucked up in real time, let alone a replay.You'll come back strong. Your nasty in the cage and you seem like a really good dude so you will always have me and many, many more in your corner.

ender852 site profile image  

6/18/13 9:10 PM by ender852

cigarette burns!!!!

HYPEorDIE site profile image  

6/18/13 7:58 PM by HYPEorDIE

Nah ahhh

HexRei site profile image  

6/18/13 7:02 PM by HexRei

That adds up to 101% bro

HYPEorDIE site profile image  

6/18/13 6:54 PM by HYPEorDIE

Don't know.But it was a very unnatural feeling which triggered the panicked response. I've had 100 kickboxing matches, and 13 or so MMA fights. So I've been on the receiving end of billions of punches. 95% of landed punches I(we) can maintain a poker face. But there's the 1% that turn the lights out, and 1% that trigger a certain panic response. The other 4% I haven't invented yet!!!