Fight Master, Episode 1 recap


FIRST ELIMINATION FIGHT: Chip "The Surgeon" Pollard (7-4) vs. Tim "The Ginga Ninja" Welch (9-4).

The pair trade jabs to open, feeling out the distance as they move well around the cage. Pollard looks the faster fighter to open, but Welch lands clean with a right-left combo that sends Pollard to the floor. Welch pounces with a few follow-up shots, and he's awarded the first-round knockout.

COACH SELECTION: Welch elects to become the first member of Greg Jackson's team.

SECOND ELIMINATION FIGHT: Eric "Easy E" Scallan (11-4) vs. Chris "The Action Man" Curtis (7-3)

Scallan kicks the body early as Curtis is trying to touch gloves. Curtis answers immediately with a flash knockdown on a straight and another on a knee shortly after. But Scallan answers back with several takedowns in a round that's aired in highlight form. The second frame is also shortened, but it shows Scallan again working to control the positioning. At the end of two rounds, Scallan is awarded a majority decision.

COACH SELECTION: Behind the scenes, Joe Warren admits he's not sure Scallan is a proper fit for his squad. Unaware of that concern, Scallan elects to become the first member of Warren's team.

THIRD ELIMINATION FIGHT: Brendan "Tiny Shorts" Tierney (10-5) vs. Nick "The Phoenix" Barnes (6-0)

An aggressive Barnes opens with a flurry and drives through a takedown on his larger opponent. Tierney turns for a leg, and while the submission won't come, he does escape to the feet. Barnes fires punches on the restart, but Tierney moves to a Thai clinch and drops his foe with big knees. Tierney immediately moves to the back and looks for a series of submissions. Barnes somehow survives the tight hold and sweeps to the back, where he earns an impressive rear-naked choke finish.

COACH SELECTION: Frank Shamrock offers up the hard sell, and Barnes bites. He's the first member of Shamrock's team.

FOURTH ELIMINATION FIGHT: Darryl "Devastating" Cobb (6-6) vs. A.J. "Pinoy Punisher" Matthews (6-2)

Cobb opens with a power-based game, firing heavy strikes and driving in for a takedown. Matthews answers back in the second frame with hard kicks on the feet and nearly securing the back. With the score even, the pair moves to a third frame. Matthews gets a key takedown and spends much of the frame there, earning him the fight by decision.

COACH SELECTION: Matthews hears positive feedback from all four coaches but ultimately elects to become the first member of Randy Couture's team.

FIFTH ELIMINATION FIGHT: Josh "Quay" Quayhagen (6-1) vs. Chris "The Cleveland Assassin" Lozano (10-3)

Lozano seems to outmuscle Quayhagen in the opening frame. A tired Quayhagen tries valiantly to answer, but Lozano takes him to the floor and pummels his face until the final bell in a brutal beatdown.

COACH SELECTION: All four coaches have positive words for Lozano after the impressive performance. Greg Jackson has an inside track with past experience training Lozano, but the fight elects to get a new look and chooses to become the second member of Shamrock's team.

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fightharder site profile image  

6/21/13 10:38 PM by fightharder

I liked the show....would suck if it got cancelled after a season. Bellator might need to make the wrestling Bellator combination happen again though. Sad but true.

JoeJoeplata site profile image  

6/21/13 9:06 PM by JoeJoeplata

Pretty cool show. I liked the commentary during the fights from the four coaches and was glad to see that it's not just a Team Jackson love fest. Can't wait for the next one.

JackintheCrack site profile image  

6/21/13 7:16 PM by JackintheCrack

It was hilarious when joe warren muttered "damn" under his breath after getting the guy noone wanted.  It was also funny how with the same guy, all the coaches were talking shit to scare the guy away from choosing them. 

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

6/21/13 6:50 PM by Reed Rothchild

The full fights are up on Spiketv

Fedoral Crime site profile image  

6/21/13 8:01 AM by Fedoral Crime

I'd pick Randy Jackson

CRMartin11 site profile image  

6/20/13 11:10 PM by CRMartin11

good episode. I'm hooked.

willienugget site profile image  

6/20/13 10:29 PM by willienugget

That's what I took from it too but my jaw still dropped when he picked Frank.

Mayhem13 site profile image  

6/20/13 10:25 PM by Mayhem13

Chris wanted a chance to train with Frank and Maurice Smith.Greg was cool with it from what I understand.

willienugget site profile image  

6/20/13 9:57 PM by willienugget

You're right about them being shown out of order for some reason and that makes sense. We do know however that the last guy had worked with Jackson before, was told by Frank that he should pick Jackson and the dude picked Frank.