Pettis out six weeks with knee injury


When Anthony Pettis originally had to remove himself from the UFC 163 card, he had hoped he would only be out three weeks. However, after visiting the UFC's approved doctor in Vegas, it looks like it may be a little while longer until Pettis can return to action:

Any hope Anthony Pettis had of fighting Benson Henderson at UFC 164 was squashed on Wednesday.

Pettis met with a UFC-approved doctor in Las Vegas who informed him that his torn meniscus injury will require him to sit out for six weeks, UFC president Dana White confirmed the news to after first reported it. Pettis originally believed he would return to full-strength in half that time.

The good news for Pettis is that he does not require surgery to fix his injured knee.

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TheRaider site profile image  

6/21/13 3:55 PM by TheRaider

Pettis gonna whoop that ass. Who's ass, is as of yet undetermined.

Il Duce site profile image  

6/21/13 3:50 PM by Il Duce

Voted up for taking the effort to form a quality response.

Herman Munster site profile image  

6/21/13 10:39 AM by Herman Munster

  Didnt read translates to you are a chicken shit bitch afraid to realize how stupid you really are,  Remain ignorant and foolish.  I could give a fuck.  Every stupid and ignorant point you made was shoved right back up where it came from, your ass. The place you talk best out of. At least were done here.

Herman Munster site profile image  

6/21/13 10:01 AM by Herman Munster

  No Pettis has not proven more than TJ Grant.  If no one knew who TJ Grant was, it's because they were fuckin stupid like you.  Calling him a failed WW is just as ignorant as it gets.   TJ was always under sized at WW.  That held him back from being able to beat bigger WW opponents like DHK or a former MW like Ricardo Almeida, but did not stop him from beating Ryo Chonan in his UFC debut, same Ryo that tapped Anderson Slva out like an amature or knocking out Kevin Burns, disposing of him much easier than a true failed WW like Anthony Johnson.  TJ Grant was an under sized but game as fuck WW.  Ask Johnny Hendricks how easy it was facing a failed WW like TJ.   Grant moved to the weight class he should have been at the whole time, but at least had the balls to test himself against WW's and not immdiately resort to dropping down to LW.  Since making the move to LW he has made the weight comfortably and looks fantastic.  His success is no accident or surprise.  His skills were always evident, and now had the real opportunity to be showcased in the weight class that best suits him, LW.  TJ has now taken the LW division by storm.  I suggest you get the fuk used to it. You further prove how ignorant you are by referencing losses to Gary Wright and Jesse Bongfeldt in attempt to further dismiss Grant. Gary Wright went undefeated in his career. Finishing his career at 8-0.  He came up under the same camp Rory Mac started with, and was at one time just as touted as Rory.  It appears Gary chose to get a real job and said fuck fighting professionally, otherwise he probably would have made it in the UFC by now...Bongfeldt is a tough dude, who was good enough to be facing Chris Weidman in the UFC's MW division.  Grant lost nothing in losing to him.  That fight was an amazing fight.  Both went balls to the wall and took risks the whole fight, TJ got caught in a bad spot, and Bongfeldt capitalized...  No shame at all there.  Bongfeldt was a big, strong, skilled opponent who would have been a formidable test to any fighter coming up as TJ was in the smaller shows back then.   Just because Bongfeldt or Wright didnt go on to become stars in the UFC doesn't mean you know a fuckin thing about either of them.  Attempting to use either of those losses as a knock against Grant for what he is doing today is so beyond foolish , it's sad.  You may fool some, but you definitely don't fool me with that pathetic attempt. in the UFC LW division Pettis is no more proven than TJ.  Gray Maynard is a better win than any win Pettis has. Neither Lauzon or Cerrone are as good as Maynard.  Lauzon is no better than Wiman.  Dunham is probably better than both Cowboy and Lauzon. With that said, Pettis would have already received his UFC LW title shot if he had proved he could best Guida, he did not.  The lay and pray Petis pulled out vs Jeremy Stephens was also really rather unspectacular.  Overall, Pettis is not more proven in the UFC LW division.  He has not faced tougher opponents over his career.  He would not beat guys like DHK or Johnny Hendricks up at WW.   Overall though, none of this matters because now Pettis is out a length of time that he can not possibly be considered to fight Ben Henderson at the same time TJ is scheduled to.  So suck it up, and maybe suck up having to wait for Aldo to.

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

6/20/13 11:03 PM by MMA Lives Here

Pettis hasn't proven more than TJ fucking Grant? No one even knew who Grant was before he caught Maynard in an upset. Grant's a failed welterweight with one top win in his career. He's lost to the likes of Jesse Bongfeldt and Gary WrightPettis is the former WEC champ (that made him the best LW in the world) who clowned Bendo off the cage, KTFO Lauzon and made Cerrone look like he was scared shitless. He's 16-2 after a BS split decision to Palaszewski and that "fight" with Clay Guida

Herman Munster site profile image  

6/20/13 10:43 PM by Herman Munster

Please don't pretend like you don't have an agenda.  Pettis does not bring it more than Grant or Aldo.  Pettis made his own rules. Someone like Aldo would be playing within those same rules that Pettis himself had no problems taking advantage of.  Pettis will live if he has to wait another 6 months.  He will get his due in time if he truly deserves it.  He is not being deprived if he has to wait a bit longer.  The mma world  would not be deprived to see Pettis wait a bit longer,  The only reason someone like you could argue he deserves the shot in the immediate more than Grant or Aldo, is because he is prettier and does flashier shit, but still has not proven anything more.  I'm just an open and honest guy. You are the closet gay boy.

thatkidrichard91 site profile image  

6/20/13 8:26 PM by thatkidrichard91

He cut in line for the FW shot? Please tell me, who was the scheduled fight for Aldo at the time? TKZ was hurt, and Lamas was being passed over anyways. If he were to take the shot from Grant, that's cutting in line. You can't cut in line if there was no one in place anyways.

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

6/20/13 8:09 PM by FixedPartialArts

You just exposed your agenda against him by calling him a pretty boy. There's no reason to argue with you further about it then. You don't like a fighter because he makes you feel gay. Go beat yourself up about it if you view that as a negative trait. That's hardly Showtime's fault.

Herman Munster site profile image  

6/20/13 7:56 PM by Herman Munster

  *yawwwnn*  All 3 of those fighters bring action and excitement.  Just because pretty boy jumps off the fence to throw kicks doesn't mean he deserves to be treated with anymore entitlement than anyone else.  Aldo had to accept being given Pettis as an opponent.  Aldo was not happy about it, but was prepared to whoop Pettis's ass.  He stated repeatedly that he would call for a LW title shot after the Pettis fight.  Just because Pettis pulled out of the Aldo fight, doesn't mean he should change his plans.  Given the way Pettis received the FW title shot, it would be completely reasonable if Aldo calls for a LW title shot, and gets it before Pettis.  Suck it up, Suck it up, Suck it up.