Spong: I want to be known as the G.O.A.T in all combat sports


Not many fans may know the name Tyron Spong, but as a member of the Blackzilians he his highly respected among his peers. Primarily a kickboxer, Spong has fought mixed martial arts once, however has grand expectations for himself, not only in MMA, but in all combat sports:

Spong is already considered one of the best kickboxers on the planet having defeated some of the biggest names in the industry, and hopes to do the same this weekend when he competes in a one-night Glory tournament in New York City.

But Spong won't be happy just being the best kickboxer on the planet.  He's already 1-0 as a mixed martial artist and, after his Glory tournament this weekend, Spong plans on returning to World Series of Fighting in August for his second bout.

From there, Spong will then move over into the world of pro boxing where he's been learning the craft under the tutelage of famed trainer Pedro Diaz.  It's a lofty goal to conquer one sport, but Spong is confident he can be one of the best in three different combat sports simultaneously.

"I want to go down in the sport as the greatest fighter of all time in different sports," Spong told Bleacher Report recently.  "You have lot of fighting disciplines—you have karate, you have judo, you have this, you have that, but I think the hardest combat sports out there really are kickboxing, boxing and MMA.

"Those are the sports that really have my heart, too. I'm just following my dream."

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Dublin_Huntington site profile image  

6/22/13 11:15 PM by Dublin_Huntington


Tyrone sBong site profile image  

6/22/13 11:00 PM by Tyrone sBong

Speak of the devil, just watching him now on glory

Lobo8 site profile image  

6/21/13 11:04 AM by Lobo8

Tyrone is legit and can definetly have sucess outside of Kickboxing. But i think he should stay away from boxing, he wont be able to transition to it easily. But mma is a different story he can definetly do very well and make it into the ufc with a bit of mma specific tranening.

Tilla site profile image  

6/21/13 10:49 AM by Tilla

In.Spong is one of the baddest men on the planet.

quality site profile image  

6/21/13 6:31 AM by quality

I'm not saying he can't be a decent MMA guy. I'm saying he won't be a world champion on the highest level in MMA. He says he wants to be the GOAT, I see him being competitive in all sports but not world champion level.As of right now we don't know how he's going to do in MMA with a high level BJJ/wrestler. In boxing we don't know how he'll do against a journeyman with a lot of bouts under him. There are a lot of unanswered questions that only time will tell.The odds of him being a high level world champion in three sports are pretty slim.

Bootsy Collins site profile image  

6/21/13 6:30 AM by Bootsy Collins

Trayvon Spork imo

man meets fate site profile image  

6/21/13 5:31 AM by man meets fate

Agree with what you said, I only said haye and chisora cause those are 3 different levels in hw boxing. The talent between good and elite is light years apart unlike mma and kickboxing. Even mentioning haye and chisora, or hell, even fury are way too much for spong to handle. Thats all I was saying.And spong Is cocky, but he has a right to be. If you accomplish what he has, you have a lil bit position of power to be cocky. Thats like lebron james not being able to say he is great at what he does or an athlete in general. Vera has never done anything remotley close to what spong has in his career, so whoever brough him up few post ago was out of line.

fightharder site profile image  

6/21/13 5:20 AM by fightharder

Loved everything you said ''man meets fate'' but did you really mention Haye and Chisora in the same sentence as the Kitchko borthers? You must be British and more then a tad bit partial because David Haye and Dereck Chisora are a category below the Klitchko's. That you even mention them at all shows how poor the field in heavyweight boxing currently is.   Anyways really do think Spong can achieve great things. The dude is incredible talented,he has a really great work ethic (his buddy Rashad should really follow his example a little more compared to Spong Rashad parties way to much) and he is still very young. He also does not get a lot of injuries. At least not those that are of such an extend that it stops him from competing. And the dude clearly is levelheaded. He doesn't get swept into all the hyping fight antics.   Having said that i dont think he should add boxing to his ambitions. I know he loves watching it and i know a famous boxing trainer sees a lot of promise in the dude but making inroads in MMA would be hard enough. He really should not be focusing on more then two disciplines. And i do think boxing would be the hardest of the three to get into because the technical aspect is simple very diffult to learn (striking  kickboxing style is so different compared to traditional boxing).   But there is money in boxing,the current landscape at the higher weight classes is shallow or poor to be perfectly honest,so i can see the attraction.   Anyways Spong loses have really only come against top level competition,usually against dudes who where a lot heavier then he was. The Corbet fight was a bit of a fluke because Spong broke his hand very early (badly) .The only dude that beat him recently who was around his own weight was Saki. If Spong can transition to MMA (defensive wrestling/sprawling and some decent groundwork and sweeps) he could be a force in the lightheavyweight division. BUT unfortunately Dutch fighters always have a problem of acquiring decent wrestling skills. So its still all up in the air. But he definitely has a lot of potential.   And please dont compare him to Bradon Vera. Spong is the farthest thing from cocky. If you know next to nothing about the dude keep those kind of judgements to yourself please.

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

6/21/13 2:56 AM by MMA Lives Here

It's impossibruuuuu!!

Jambo888 site profile image  

6/21/13 2:43 AM by Jambo888

I always think his name should be sprong