McCarthy defends Mazzagatti in Fitch/Burkman bout


At the World Series of Fighting 3 event Josh Burkman rocked Jon Fitch with a hook, jumped in a guillotine, and choked Fitch unconscious. Burkman, realizing Fitch was unconscious, rolled him over and let go before referee Steve Mazzagatti could intervene. UFC President Dana White immediately attacked Mazzagatti's judgement in the cage, as he has a history of doing, and the media also was critical of his refereeing in the bout. However, veteran referee Big John McCarthy recently came to the defense of Mazzagatti on AXS TV's InsideMMA:

“If you watch the tape, (Fitch) is out for one second, at most, before Burkman is releasing that choke and Burkman is being a sportsman,” said McCarthy.

“People are complaining, I guess, because Steve didn’t jump down. You know what, it wasn’t a situation where the safety of the fighter was really in jeopardy.”

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Jericco site profile image  

6/24/13 10:59 AM by Jericco

BJM is right, but look at all the mistakes Mazagatti continues to make. He's is going to kill some day.

Aaron Becker site profile image  

6/24/13 9:17 AM by Aaron Becker

Danas just trying to make SEEM like he cares about Fitch after cutting him

circa305 site profile image  

6/23/13 6:50 PM by circa305

Im saying me sitting at home was pretty confident he went out and the ref looked surprised about it. Thats pretty bad awareness for a referee.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

6/23/13 6:48 PM by Reed Rothchild

BJM is right

zFugitive site profile image  

6/23/13 6:37 PM by zFugitive

Yeah, but I think the question was more about how long would Mazagatti let the choke go on had Burkmann kept holding it.But that's not a fair w/e...

Hikikomori site profile image  

6/23/13 5:52 PM by Hikikomori

Wtf? Its bullshit to question BJMs integrity over this.

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

6/23/13 5:27 PM by Unwariestpickle

Like they were saying on Inside MMA he was only out for a second. We've seen PLENTY of shitty reffing, but that wasn't it.

ManWithTheIronFists site profile image  

6/23/13 5:19 PM by ManWithTheIronFists

Agree with Big John.

circa305 site profile image  

6/23/13 5:15 PM by circa305

Yea but Steve looked surprised when he saw that John was out. Jon did go limp before Burkman released the choke. Not gonna lie to make myself sound cool but I did think he may have went out when I saw him go limp.

Immaculata site profile image  

6/23/13 5:08 PM by Immaculata

He's right.