Finishing rate in UFC drops from 100 to 50% over 20 years, now steady


When the UFC debuted in 1993, the finish rate was 100%, as there was no other way to end the contest. It was not until 1995 that time limits debuted, and eventually decisions.

20 years later, in 2013, the rate declined to 50% EXACTLY - of 176 fights to date in 2013, 88 have been finished by TKO/KO or submission.

While fans of the HOLY F@$%ING $#!^ moments that make the sport so compelling may look at the stats with dismay, the decline has now stabilized at 50%, for years.

Reed Kuhn from Fightnomics has the story.

It was the institution of weight classes that give us the best insight into the trends during the modern Zuffa era. When finish rates hit a decade high of 75% in 2005, it was the first full year the UFC went without lightweight fights. Lightweights were officially brought back in 2006, and by 2007 the division became the most commonly competed weight class, with more fights taking place at 155 pounds than in any other division. (That has remained true every year since.) Rebounding in 2008, the finish rate hit 68% in a year where slightly more fights occurred in heavier divisions than in years prior. But this composition of divisions quickly went on a diet, and over the next two years fighters began migrating down weight classes and tilting the scales towards smaller divisions.

This period in 2009-2010 saw the greatest decline in finish rates combined with the rapid increase in televised UFC events, and likely an overall increase in the competitiveness within the UFC. In 2010 the first featherweights were introduced before the year’s end, with the WEC merger taking full effect in 2011. By 2012 the first flyweights hit the Octagon, and by then half of all UFC fights occurred at lightweight or below.

The most interesting trend to note is that despite the slimming trend for UFC fighters, the overall finish rate has completely stabilized since 2010. As we saw earlier smaller divisions generally finish fewer fights, due primarily to less knockout power, but the dropoff stabilizes in the smallest divisions. So despite more and more fights in the flyweight through featherweight divisions, the finish rate is no longer dropping with the declining share of heavier fights.

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Is ther anything you notice in the trend not noted above?


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SamboMMA site profile image  

6/25/13 4:58 PM by SamboMMA

"When the UFC debuted in 1993, the finish rate was 100%, as there was no other way to end the contest"So Grapplers like Royce feasting on Karate, Kung-Fu, Kickboxers that were clueless on the ground had nothing to do with why the finishing rate was so high back then?

CLINTK9 site profile image  

6/25/13 1:36 PM by CLINTK9

if that was true we'd still be getting exciting fights even if they go to decision. they are avoiding the fight too much. they only have 15/25 mins to get it done. if your backing away and circling or throwing jabs and backing away for 10 minutes of the fight, its BS! you see how fighters are all conservative until the corner says 15 seconds left and they go for something. they dont fight like that out of fear of getting caught or losing or gassing or whatever. so the result is fighting safe just enough to get that "D". watch Shogun/Hendo & Faber/Wineland!notice the difference in the two fights and the way the fighters look after the fight.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

6/25/13 1:30 PM by CLINTK9

I'll take the couple sloppy HW fights among all the great ones that get finishes (did you see ufc146?) as opposed to 80% of the midgets pitter patting and point fighting to a decision.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

6/25/13 1:28 PM by CLINTK9

you didnt see he said the 50% of the time? and yeah, half the decisions today if not more are boring and what has turned many casual fans off of mma and helped with declining ppv buys. NOBODY wants to see fighters play it safe for a decision. if you do, your a retard!

CLINTK9 site profile image  

6/25/13 1:25 PM by CLINTK9

I never complain about short fights. that happens when guys are fighting. or when they actually fight and it goes to a decision (like Shogun/Hendo) its fighters playing it safe and fighting FOR The decision. staying back because they are up on the cards. only doing enough to eak out that decision. theres way too much of this in mma today. who are the fuck tards who like and are defending it? WHY would you defend that type of fighting? IT BS and is NOT Fun to watch.

Phisher site profile image  

6/25/13 10:22 AM by Phisher

The finishing rate was 100% when most of the guys competing were mcdojo masters and local tough guys who had no business competing in a professional fight. There were some guys like Jimmerson who were legit fighters but had never trained grappling and had no chance against anybody who was capable of taking them down.

Nagaho site profile image  

6/25/13 10:00 AM by Nagaho

Are you really saying that all decisions are boring fights? Be real.

Nagaho site profile image  

6/25/13 9:56 AM by Nagaho

I don't think that when people are saying skill level they are referring to prelims versus title fights. They mean the overall skill of fighters from different eras. Guys have a more balanced skill set in 2013 than guys did in 2003 and certainly more than they did in 1993.

thomase site profile image  

6/25/13 6:14 AM by thomase

Haha agreed clintk9Big English Tom

NorthFromHere site profile image  

6/25/13 5:21 AM by NorthFromHere

I still think UFC should consider this payout structure: 1/3 show money, 1/3 win bonus, 1/3 finish bonus.  OTN bonuses would stay the same.