Silva names four greatest fighters of all time


During Tuesday's media teleconference to promote UFC 162, middleweight champion Anderson Silva was asked to name the four greatest fighters in MMA history, pound for pound.

“In my opinion, B.J. Penn is No. 1," replied Silva. "And then Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and then Royce Gracie.”

Do you agree with Silva's all-time great ranking?
1. BJ Penn
2. Randy Couture
3. Chuck Liddell
4. Royce Gracie

Including Silva, who many feel is the greatest fighter in the history of the sport, what are your top five? Who is your #1?

Silva fights Chris Weidman at UFC 162, live on PPV, July 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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crozbomb site profile image  

6/27/13 6:01 PM by crozbomb

1.bj2.anderson3.rickson4.igor vovchanchen5.dan hendo

chaplinshouse site profile image  

6/27/13 12:14 AM by chaplinshouse

    that's fine, but death sentence is a bit dramatic, not to mention he dropped his kettle bell routine way before his losing started.  and his non weight/kettle camps had intense pull ups, push ups and dips which he did very explosively in every camp, which takes a ton of strength which is why he showed up "in shape".   weights fedor prime fedor.  get in me belly! (still prime)   arlovski fedor big foot fedor hendo    

Emperor Nero site profile image  

6/26/13 10:54 PM by Emperor Nero

Not a very good answer, and while I have 'favorite fighters' where I like their fighting style and respect them, more than anything I have favorite fights and see great fights. Any fighter is capable of putting on great fights and some did it more times than others. Also, don't cry sidebar Anderson. It's gonna be okay. Don't cry bro.

Thuglife13 site profile image  

6/26/13 10:39 PM by Thuglife13

Anderson "The Spider" Silva droppin' *Truth Bombs* on these Mother Fuckers!!!B.J. "THE MOTHER FUCKING PRODIGY" PENN = GOAT

omgjoshjames site profile image  

6/26/13 10:24 PM by omgjoshjames

I love Hendo but he had a lot of close decision fights. He use to be called decision Dan for a reason.

Th3Rooster site profile image  

6/26/13 9:01 PM by Th3Rooster


hogh20 site profile image  

6/26/13 8:17 PM by hogh20

It's my list. Rickson was more dominant vs his competition than Shogun. Was Rickson's competition worse than Shoguns? Of course. But Rickson was also about as one-dimensional as they come, everybody knew what was going to happen, and nobody could come close to stopping it. Hell, I would love to see a prime Shogun vs a prime Rickson. It would be great to see if Shogun could KO Rickson before he got subbed.

omega 2013 site profile image  

6/26/13 8:15 PM by omega 2013

You could make a case for randy's accomplishments over shogun, but rickson has no business here...

rosario00 site profile image  

6/26/13 7:25 PM by rosario00

Lmfao Randy, Rickson but no Shogun??

Hollow Rain (FtheOG) site profile image  

6/26/13 6:52 PM by Hollow Rain (FtheOG)

Man you're an idiot. So you rate Floyd as the best boxer of all time in any division?