Barring settlement, Eddie Alvarez not in court until September of 2014


When Bellator star Eddie Alvarez finished his contract, we went on the open market and received a signficant offer from the UFC:
•Eight-fight deal;
•Three commentary opportunities;
•$250,000 signing bonus;
•$70,000 to show and and additional; $70,000 to win;
•$5,000 escalation for each additional win, to a maximum of $210,000;
•PLUS a cut of a PPV.

However, Bellator had the right to match the UFC's offer, so they did, literally. The contract was rewritten word for word.

However, as Bellator does not currently run PPV events, Alvarez contends that the UFC offer was not in fact matched. The case has been working through the court system at a glacial pace, and now appears to be slowing.

Steven Marrocco from MMAJunkie has the story.

According to documents filed Monday in U.S. district court, the two parties aren't required to see each other in court until after Sept. 15, 2014, when a pre-trial conference may take place.

That means it could be near the end of 2014 before a jury gets involved, unless a settlement takes place.

The fighter largely has been quiet since giving a series of interviews accusing Bellator of shady behavior after the expiration of his previous contract with the promotion.

Attorneys for Alvarez and Bellator outlined a plan for moving forward with the case, which calls for the discovery portion to be completed by Feb. 28, 2014 and depositions, or out-of-court testimony, by July 28.

Earlier this month, Alvarez and Bellator also signed off on a confidentiality agreement, which means only their respective lawyers will be privy to evidence gathered until the trial.

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Alvarez has not fought since 12 October 2012. Barring a settlement, it appears he will be out for over two years, in the prime of his fighting career.


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Tombmatter site profile image  

6/30/13 11:29 AM by Tombmatter

The one that gets extorted in to an existing contract, obviously.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

6/29/13 3:12 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Did you read the article in the URL I posted? They forced Fitch to give up the rights to his video game likeness. Bellator forces it's fighters to let Bellator actually owns the fighter and their entire likeness, brand, trademark etc. Which do you think is the bigger deal?

CindyO site profile image  

6/29/13 12:46 PM by CindyO

Because he went to law school spent a few years doing construction-defects litigation.   Cindy

CindyO site profile image  

6/29/13 12:42 PM by CindyO

Voted UP!   Cindy

Tombmatter site profile image  

6/29/13 9:02 AM by Tombmatter

What does that have to do with UFC extorting fighters to add one sided clauses to their existing contract?Though I do wonder if you (or Carwin) realize that there was also non-UFC MMA game being made, and fighters could have signed their likeness rights to EA for some compensation. UFC on the other hand did not want to pay any compensation, so they used their usual "mafia" tactics.

Chromium site profile image  

6/29/13 6:34 AM by Chromium

Ah, your a 4chan troll. My mistake. Carry on with your idiocy.

parrishmma site profile image  

6/28/13 6:13 PM by parrishmma

Oh you told me! Im sure your favorite jelly is WELCHES!!! You white knight welchers ALL DAY SON!!! Go and get you some Eddie jelly!

LILBROCK site profile image  

6/28/13 6:03 PM by LILBROCK

But you're right. They paid WAY more for Lombard. I believe $300-$400K signing bonus and $300K per fight. Guess they wanted him more than Eddie.

LILBROCK site profile image  

6/28/13 6:02 PM by LILBROCK

What's funny is posters keep saying how Eddie will make so much money from PPV, as if the UFC just throws it around for fun. Lombard also gets a cut of PPV. His 3 fights so far?Okami: On Fuel. Zero PPV moneyPahlares: On FX. Zero PPV moneyBoetsch: On Faber/Barao PPV card which drew an estimated 235K PPV buys. I believe his contract stated that he would make $1 per PPV buy over 200,000 buys (sometimes they start at 250,000 buys). So in 3 fights, he's made at most $35K in PPV money. Bellator also offered Eddie $125K for appearances/broadcasting gigs on Spike. You all don't think there was a reason he was on the card versus a GSP card?Idiots here on the UG think Dana's always going to put Eddie on a GSP or Anderson card so he makes $1M per fight off the popularity of others. Dana's not that dumb and will do exactly like he did for Lombard. Eddie won't be cashing in on any PPV money until he himself proves he's a draw.

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

6/28/13 5:49 PM by Nexuscrawlers

It's too bad the UFC didn't think Eddie was worth Hector Lombard money. IIRC the deal offered by the UFC (the contracted base pay) wasn't much more than what he was already making. I think the UFC lowballed a little. Eddie I thought was more popular than Lombard, and the UFC could have made him a big star, Idk why they wouldn't offer more.