Grant: Pettis' move 'low class' and 'dirty'


When Anthony Pettis was injured and had to withdraw from his UFC 163 bout with Jose Aldo, he actively campaigned to be put in a lightweight title bout a month after that scheduled bout. However, TJ Grant was already granted the title shot and was not too happy about Pettis' actions:

"I wish it was handled a little differently; him of all people, I think it was disrespectful, to do that against someone who has earned the right to fight is not right."

"Unfortunately he got hurt but it was low class, I thought. I didn't want to get into the whole talking thing. I got here legitimately and earned it. Ultimately, what he was saying was that he wanted my title shot which was incredibly disrespectful. It was pretty dirty."

"He's 26 years old and hes a great fighter I think he'll be a champion one day, but this is my time right now."

"It's in the past now: He's out, I'm in. It's going to be a series of little battles in a big battle against Benson Henderson. He's the man, and I want to beat the man and be champion. It's what I've always wanted."

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Refuse to Lose site profile image  

6/30/13 1:18 AM by Refuse to Lose

I would be really interested to see a Grant/Pettis fight down the line. I think they both have the potential to knock each other out.

bjjkwong site profile image  

6/30/13 12:10 AM by bjjkwong

WAR ALBERTA! I am from Calgary, so I have to rep him and Nick Ring!

BrunoMcGyver site profile image  

6/28/13 8:38 PM by BrunoMcGyver

"TJ has extremely underrated Muay Thai and always has." Yup. Heard he went over to Bangkok to train at Kaewsamrit gym a few times. It shows. I went on their website to see their training schedule. Rigorous as fuck. No wonder why he's looked flawless at LW.  

ColefistbumpedmyBuffer site profile image  

6/28/13 7:20 PM by ColefistbumpedmyBuffer


TJGTT_Halichap site profile image  

6/28/13 7:16 PM by TJGTT_Halichap

LOL at failed WW.  This is a LW discussion, for one.  Two, nothing fail about TJs career pre LW.

RKing85 site profile image  

6/28/13 7:11 PM by RKing85

thank god the UFC never seemed to consider it for even a single second.TJ's lawyers would have been all over that.

Wasa-B site profile image  

6/28/13 6:48 PM by Wasa-B

Was so stoked for Pettis Aldo but the way it materialized, Pettis was pretty spoiled brattish in how he wanted everything from both divisions. Im a Pettis/Duke fan btw and you gotta ask for what you want but it was a bit too much imo. That said, it sets up some good fights in the LW div coming up.

ColefistbumpedmyBuffer site profile image  

6/28/13 6:28 PM by ColefistbumpedmyBuffer

Agreed, TJ.

Fisticus site profile image  

6/28/13 5:12 PM by Fisticus

Especially when they're born in Alberta

Herman Munster site profile image  

6/28/13 5:11 PM by Herman Munster

  Pettis is very dangerous on the feet when opponents stand there and watch him be pretty.  TJ has the right style to be all sorts of problems for him. I would love to see TJ test Pettis on the inside.  A lot harder to be creative when you have a guy like TJ locking you up on the inside and delivering crushing standing elbows to your skull.  TJ has extremely underrated Muay Thai and always has.  He owned Dunham with knees in the clinch, owned Wiman with standing elbows, knees again were a huge factor in the Maynard finish.  Pettis's striking, while creative, is not on Anderson's level for those that are making those cheesey comparison's.  I'd classify Pettis striking as that of the American style kickboxer, not an overall Muay Thai style and still relatively unproven with his inside clinch game... On top of Pettis losing to Guida and lol at the explanation that he was just trying to submit Guida the whole time, he also was extremely under whelming vs Stephens.  Stephens never let Pettis get comfortable on the feet, and Pettis resorted to a rather lame wrestle fuck fest.  Pettis could be quickly becoming the most overrated fighter in the sport.  TJ has fought and survived much tougher opponents than Pettis.