Pat Miletich and Jeff Monson still don't get along, at all


Jeff Monson won the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship twice and has a 48-14-1  record in MMA, after fighting for more than 15 years. Pat Miletich is a former UFC welterweight champion and is one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport.

Based on the details above, one might assume the pair has much in common, and could enjoy a collegial relationship. However, Jeff Monson is an Anarchist, "someone who would like to do away with all class hierarchy in society and the institutions that promote this inequality." Pat Miletich fiercely believes in opportunity over entitlement, and reckons that the Democrats are in essence socialists and Marxists, and that the Republican party is just a slightly watered down version of that.

In short, they don't get along, as evidenced by their latest dialogue on Twitter.

Pat Miletich ‏@patmiletich
You know things are bad when politicians are pandering for the votes of 11-20 million illegal aliens.@michellemalkin @Gerilenn

Jeff Monson ‏@JeffMonson
@patmiletich @michellemalkin @gerilenn was it legal to kill & push millions of Native Americans off their land?Same land that is now "ours"?

Jason Jason ‏@FamousinSD
@JeffMonson @patmiletich happened hundreds of years ago now.Its a dead issue.Has happened everywhere.So why should we be the guilty ones?

Jeff Monson ‏@JeffMonson 25 Jun
@FamousinSD @patmiletich doesnt it seem hypocritical for lawmakers who have roots in North America 200 or less to make laws keeping out people who have ancestory here thousands of years.

Pat Miletich @patmiletich
So Jeff, was your attempt at Russian citizenship done legally or illegally? Go spray paint another capital building

Jeff Monson ‏@JeffMonson
I haven't ever attempted to obtain Russian citizenship. Know your facts before you accuse. I have plans for in Russia upcoming. Didn't realize you were so interested in my place of residence. The one sure thing about you that I can set a watch by is that you will be quick to criticize, judge, and condemn. You will stand on your soapbox and have no concern or empathy for anyone who doesn't not have the same beliefs as you. As you so compassionately stated there are no rules in war. So the holocaust, atomic bombs, and torture are all ok for you since you can justify it all. What is most mind boggling is you have no knowledge about what you speak. When you get backed in a corner you just start firing accusations and labeling. I took bible class on Sundays too. The difference is I didn't stop my education about the world at that point like you. I asked questions, investigated, took classes, and most of all when I visited places I looked around and tried to see world through. Your opinion doesn't mean a thing because it comes from a narrow minded, uneducated, and ignorant stance. You don't have the ability nor do you even want to incorporate new information into your worldview. You learned all you need to know by age 5 and it's obvious you've quit learning since then until you read some books on history and current events don't waste my time corresponding with me

Jason ‏@FamousinSD
@JeffMonson @patmiletich read on current events?I live them and react to them while you can peacefully sit back and pass judgement on things you take no responsibility for. Must be nice. Sorry I don't have that luxury I've traveled all over this planet. By land,sea,and air. Actually fought in more than 1 of these wars you "think" you know about. Its disgusting how quick some of you who have never really done anything for America are so quick to put it down. By all means, I'm all for those who don't appreciate our country leaving it with the caveat they can never return.

Jeff Monson ‏@JeffMonson
@FamousinSD @toptiermma @patmiletich educating people on what the government is doing is contributing. Explain to me how being another sheep fighting in wars for bank and corporate interests benefits the people. it's delusional or just denial to think serving in some combat mission for the US is protecting freedom.

Jason ‏@FamousinSD
@JeffMonson @TopTierMMA @patmiletich really? Explain how your Internet fact finding and pick and choose anarchist ways protect us. last time I checked we actually killed INTERNATIONAL criminals. Includes people who threatened this country and our ALLIES. Hard to understand a cause bigger than yourself? its not all about freedom. We also have fun little things called national interests. Research it

Jeff Monson ‏@JeffMonson
national interests = corporate interests. Americans are much less safe because of military affairs.

Jason ‏@FamousinSD
@JeffMonson @TopTierMMA @patmiletich really? You know what has affected America the most? Ungreatful Americans with a sense of entitlement. military affairs have put this country in an unsafe position in zero ways. This all goes back to what I said earlier.Dont like it? Run for office. Change things. Don't talk about it. Be about it. have to love how the first generation of Americans to not be forced to earn their keep is unhappiest

Scott Cunningham ‏@cronosscott
@JeffMonson @FamousinSD @TopTierMMA @patmiletich Hey Jeff....I wonder if Pat and Famous South Dakota think Snowden is a Disney

Jason ‏@FamousinSD
@cronosscott @JeffMonson @TopTierMMA @patmiletich Scott you are too clever. I'm sure your husband loves your sense of humor. and what was your ignorant quip about insults? Yeah...... entertain us Scott, tell us how many times you or your friends lives were on the line and you had to rely on a signal intelligence gathering system for targeting data that could save lives or without it you could be walking into a f---ing death trap

Jeff Monson ‏@JeffMonson
dressing up in a costume and shooting people is not a job. your "job" is no more honorable than being one of Hitler's SS men & you do no less harm

Pat Miletich ‏@patmiletich
@JeffMonson @FamousinSD @cronosscott @TopTierMMA What on earth are you babbling about, Monson?

Jason ‏@FamousinSD
lmao! Are you f---ing serious right now?Tsunami hit Thailand? I was there. tribal violence killing thousands? I was there. What the f---have you done? last time I checked its what laid down the foundation for ungrateful men like you to spew that hot garbage you call an opinion out

Jeff Monson ‏@JeffMonson
@FamousinSD @cronosscott @toptiermma @patmiletich it is sad that you and many others have been brainwashed into thinking the world can be turned into a better place by the end of a rifle. Violence has never produced equality or lasting harmony. Rationalizing that killing people makes the world a better place doesn't mean it's true. History proves as much

Fa-T ‏@Slikk82
@JeffMonson @patmiletich Jeff, I'm so glad that people like u exist. Gives me hope in mankind. Always been a huge fan and now even more so.

Pat Miletich ‏@patmiletich
@Slikk82 @JeffMonson You're high


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Brian Rule site profile image  

6/29/13 12:50 AM by Brian Rule

homegrowncone - I have no dog in this fight but "military affairs have put this country in an unsafe position in zero ways." This is one of the stupidest things I have ever read.  Anywhere.__________________________________________________Yes that statement is troll-level ridiculous

ruazombie66 site profile image  

6/28/13 9:13 PM by ruazombie66

Monson seems like a pretty enlightened guy. Pat seems like that too I mean as a coach.

mikethecricket site profile image  

6/28/13 9:01 PM by mikethecricket

Exactly.The 9/11 guys would not have even known where America was if the US hadn't gone over to their part of the world and fucked it up in the first place.

warfrog site profile image  

6/28/13 8:55 PM by warfrog

The bigoted leftist elitists look down their noses at those w a principled conservative ideals? Good.

homegrowncone site profile image  

6/28/13 8:55 PM by homegrowncone

I have no dog in this fight but : Jason ‏@FamousinSD "military affairs have put this country in an unsafe position in zero ways."   This is one of the stupidest things I have ever read.  Anywhere.

mikethecricket site profile image  

6/28/13 8:50 PM by mikethecricket

FACT: The US military has killed MILLIONS of women, children and old men. Disgusting organization to be a part of IMHO.

Daht site profile image  

6/28/13 8:42 PM by Daht

They are both extremists at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Trying to listen to the 2 of them converse is like trying to boil water in a strainer. It's going to be a mess, and you can blame the water for being wet, the strainer for having holes, or yourself for bothering to try.

Zaph site profile image  

6/28/13 8:05 PM by Zaph

Thanks, and right back at ya!  I really appreciate the fact that you understand that disagreeing with someone is no reason to vote them down.  I also voted RJJH up as promised. I really have no problem being voted down when I post stuff that's out of line, but I really don't think what I said here was out of line. Thanks again to you both. 

Robert Gehres III site profile image  

6/28/13 6:53 PM by Robert Gehres III

VTFU'd. And I don't even agree with you but people get but hurt too easily.

Robert Gehres III site profile image  

6/28/13 6:40 PM by Robert Gehres III

You colossal tool. Have you been to Iraq and Afghanistan? That's not rhetorical because as someone who has I can tell you they are decidedly better off.